The Life Down Under – Making Your Move To Australia Easy


Singapore is a small country with big ambitions and its eyes on the world outside. Its people being no different, there are plenty of nationals moving overseas for business or personal growth, with neighbor Australia being one of the most popular destinations. Some 40,000 Singaporean expats are now Aussie residents, enjoying the culture, natural beauty and high standards of living the continent offers. To make it easier for anyone wishing to join them there, here are some top bits of advice on how to make your move to Australia as smooth and pleasant as possible.

Do Due Diligence Before You Leave

Once you physically arrive in your new country, you are guaranteed to have your plate full with all sorts of new stresses and the menial tasks of settling in and finding your feet. To spread out the impact of the move as much as possible try to set up the administrative side of your relocation before you even leave Singapore, tying up your loose ends here so you can make a clean transition to Australian systems. Men with NS obligations will need to apply for leave, students or workers being reassigned should look into how their current and new organizations are handling their transfer, and everybody should be absolutely certain they have their documentation ready and visa applications resolved before stepping onto a plane.

More Money, More Problems?

Special mention should be given to making sure your new Australian finances will be ready for the barrage of expenses you will no doubt face upon arrival there. Luckily, the Big 4 banks in Australia offer specialist migrant banking programs to assist people in your situation, which you can apply for online. All the processing is done ahead of time so you can simply show ID upon landing in Australia and collect your new bank cards.

For tax, you need to settle any outstanding taxes you have in the Singaporean system, and talk to experts about getting an Australian Tax File Number (TFN). An agreement between the governments of both countries prevents you from being taxed twice, but it’s up to you to declare your income correctly for your visa status.

Fitting In Alright, Mate?

Although there is a strong expatriate community in Australia and the OSU provides support to Singaporeans overseas, many permanent residents recommend making the effort to embrace the local culture and lifestyle. Australia is a multicultural society with a strong sense of camaraderie; those with a desire to get along with the locals will likely find themselves earning the respect and friendship they wanted before too long.


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