The Importance of Insurance When Shipping Your Goods Overseas

Take a look at everything in your home. The chances are that every room in the house will have items that bring back memories. Items that have been in the background for so long that they are now part of important moments in your life. We go through life collecting little pieces here and there and even those things that serve a purely utilitarian function are completely familiar to us.

When you are planning a relocation from Singapore, you have to think about putting everything that makes your home a home into boxes. The process can be physically exhausting and emotionally draining when things go as planned, so imagine how hard it must be to deal with unexpected situations if you are not prepared.

Be Insured, Be Prepared

When a company that specialises in international removals gives you a quote, they do so with the intention of providing a good service to every customer. However, every job will have its own challenges and risks and they cannot prevent external factors from getting in the way of the international removals service. This is when being insured saves the day. Depending on the country where you are relocating and the items that are being shipped, your belongings will probably travel by air, sea and land. During each part of the journey, there are risks that need to be assessed to ensure that you are covered if your items are damaged or lost during transit.

What Could Happen?

The risks associated with the transportation of your belongings depends on how they are being shipped. Generally speaking, if your goods are shipped by air and land, the risks of them being lost are minimal, but they could still get damaged if they are not packed properly. In many cases, cargo ships will be in charge of crossing oceans with household items on board. Tons of goods are transported this way every year and a majority make it to their destination safely. However, there are instances of cargo being lost at sea due to rough weather conditions or because the captain had to make a decision in order to save most of the load. Items could also get damaged during the journey.

Although problems are not common, you must be aware of them and prepare yourself by getting insurance. There are different types of policies available, so you should take your time to carefully read what kind of cover you are being offered.

Types of Insurance

To ease the stress of your move, Allied offer their own in-house protection program to cover your precious goods in the event of something going wrong during your international relocation. Not only does this cut out an additional party in your move, but we can also design a protection package to suit your needs and your budget.  By having an in-house program, you can be assured that any claims are dealt with in a timely and efficient manner.

The most comprehensive cover is Lump Sum Coverage. By choosing this, you place your belongings into the hands of moving professionals before you go anywhere. They will guarantee the integrity of everything they pack from door to door. This option is the best value for money as it provides the best assurance that many families value.

Justly named Inventory Insurance, so you specify exactly what you want insured against damage or loss. This might suit you if you have certain valuables that are more important to you than general furniture or belongings. It is often not as expensive as Lump Sum insurance but only covers those items specified.

Beware of “Under-Insuring”

When considering insurance options, be careful to avoid under-insuring your goods.  It is important to consider the cost of replacing your lost/damaged goods as new in your destination country.

Professionally accredited moving companies like Allied pack your goods at the highest of international standards, however accidents out of the control of the removalist -like what we have mentioned above.  If the worst does happen, you can be prepared to replace your goods and not be out pocket if you have adequate coverage.

Take Cover

For more details about what type of international moving insurance would suit you best, talk to the experts at Allied so they can cater a Protection Program to suit your needs. Call us now to get more information.



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