The Best Season to Move House in Singapore (1)

If your moving plans don’t involve a definite timeline and you’re able to be more flexible about your moving date, it pays to look at the best times to move house in Singapore. After all, you don’t want to miss out on preferred Singapore moving partners and you want to avoid hinderances such as heavy traffic or lack of available street parking on moving day. 

You are likely to hear that the summer months are the worst time to move. This is often due to the large amount of people who use the school holidays as the ideal time to organise their move as they are likely to have more time off work. Another reason some people avoid the summer is the extreme heat. Higher temperatures can make it trickier to move furniture and you will have to be mindful of the mercury rising when storing certain items. Considering the Lion City is hot all-year-round, you may wonder when is the best time to move house in Singapore?

When it Rains

You will not be able to avoid the hot weather, so moving during the wet season – typically from September to February – may seem appealing. Although cooler temperatures might make it easier to move heavy boxes, the moisture can cause other problems. Heavy rain can cause slippery floors, so accidents are more likely. Cardboard boxes and clothing will need to be handled with extra care to avoid getting them wet. This is even more important if your belongings are going into storage for a while. Humidity can encourage the growth of mould and damage items beyond repair. When you decide to move house in Singapore, it might be better to choose a time of the year when rain is not frequent, such as the dry phase between March to August. 

If you want the kids to help pack their rooms, moving during their school breaks is helpful. This will also allow them to get used to a new routine before going back to school. 

Choose Your Moving Day Carefully

Deciding on what day of the week can be tricky. If you have a demanding job and do not have a lot of time spare during the week, choosing the weekend makes more sense. If you are more flexible and want to save some money along the way, go for a weekday. Moving at the weekend can cost a bit more as it is an extremely popular time. Keep in mind that if you are moving into a Housing & Development Board (HDB) unit, movers are not allowed to operate on Sundays and during public holidays. 

Another factor to consider is the time of the move. Again, people moving in or out of an HDB apartment should be mindful of their neighbours along with the strata-title rules. This means that if you have chosen a Saturday, you can only move between 9am and 1pm. 

If you are not moving into an HDB unit, you will have more flexibility to schedule your move, keeping in mind that traffic during rush hour can be a nightmare. It is highly recommended to move before that time, especially if the movers have to make more than one trip. 

Contact Your Local Moving Experts

At the end of the day, the best time of the year to move house in Singapore is when you are ready. The team at international movers Allied will be there to coordinate your relocation, regardless of weather conditions, day of the week or your moving date – as long as you prepare well in advance and book a team early on. Call us on +65 6862 4700 to organise a visit from a member of our team and get started on the next chapter of your journey.