The Benefits of Hiring Professional Moving Services in Singapore

Singapore continues to grow its mobile population as expatriate workers and their families continue to relocate to find better job opportunities. This has knock-on effects throughout the economy, with a quarter of all skilled labour born overseas, making up 50% of Singapore’s service sector. With a limited land area, competition for housing in certain areas is very high, so hiring a Singapore removalist that knows the local region well can assist in your search to find the place that ticks all the boxes.

This competition for suitable housing is a factor for people moving within Singapore and those relocating internationally. You don’t want to wait to engage a moving service in Singapore after you’ve found a property because you may miss out on your moving date. Better still, hiring a mover that offers accommodation-finding services can give you a competitive edge in the house-hunting market. 

Paying for professional moving services

For many families relocating in or out of the Lion City, cost will be an important factor and it can colour your judgement when making a final choice. It is natural for younger people to want to move as many of their own possessions as possible, usually due to trying to save costs and they’re often physically more capable. 

However, if you’re looking at a family relocation, you can’t put a price on alleviating stress throughout the move. Avoiding meltdowns and tantrums, having time to soothe tears from teens leaving their friends and being able to sort through your belongings properly so you don’t have to take things you don’t need any more can be invaluable. A professional mover that offers a packing service can make all the difference to how you settle into your new home.

The expert movers at Allied Singapore will carry out an inventory of all items before agreeing on price, which includes moving insurance. They will then ensure all goods are packed correctly, using quality packing materials, and stow your items safely in moving trucks, vans or shipping containers if you’re relocating overseas. These processes help greatly minimise the risk of damage, which saves money in the long run.

International movers

Hiring a professional moving service in Singapore is mandatory if you’re relocating to another country. Expats may be planning to return home from their host territory and be unfamiliar with Singapore’s strict customs regulations, for leaving and entering. If you have pets, for instance, quarantine laws must be taken into consideration; even potted plants can cause issues on moving day.

If you don’t carry out the preliminary planning of your move early enough to obtain the correct documentation, delays at border controls can be very costly with your mover. Extra fees for labour charged by the moving company could be compounded by other charges. 

Allied Singapore has years of experience moving people to, from and within the territory, so our teams are well versed in customs regulations. Make your move more efficient by contacting one of our move coordinators today.