Relocating with Children 


Out of all the members in a family, children are the ones who can be the most susceptible to changes. They are the ones who are at the whim of their parents’ or guardians’ decisions when it comes to choosing where they live. Therefore, they will need your full support and guidance during the moving process to help them settle into their new home.

Breaking the News

Children may feel they have had no say in the relocation – especially if it’s a big move overseas for work – and this can be quite upsetting for them. They will have to leave their familiar home, friends and school, which, depending on their age, can be a momentous hurdle for them. It’s advisable to let them know about your decision as early as possible. They will likely have lots of questions so make sure you listen to their concerns so you can reassure them. Don’t let them think that they can change your mind if they decide to be stubborn – as that only prolongs the anxiety. Instead, list all the positives that will come with the move and highlight the advantages of your new adventure together as a family.

Include Your Kids In Your Plans

It’s important your children don’t feel like an afterthought so get them involved in the moving process. Remind them you’re a team and that you must work together to ensure a positive moving day. Ask them to sort out their rooms and start packing their belongings, while reassuring them that it’s a good time to declutter and lighten the load. Help them decide what to donate or what to add to your garage sale. Perhaps you can take time to go through some of their old artwork or school assignments, so they understand you value the history you’ve shared with them at your current address and you’re not just discarding your former lives together. Show them how to pack and label their boxes. Make this fun for them and reward them by watching their preferred film or preparing their favourite meal for dinner.

Help Them Pack Essentials

Your children will need to keep their essential items handy during and after the move. Unlike your first night box, which includes toiletries and towels, etc, theirs will likely be full of their favourite toys, activity books, games and snacks to keep them entertained. Photographs or other meaningful items should be in this bag or box as well.

Plan Activities with Your Kids

Your children need to know that, no matter where you go, they can count on you. Set aside time to spend together. Arrange playdates with their friends so they can say goodbye and take them to their favourite places. Research the local area in where you are relocating and tell them about the attractions or places of interest. Ask them which ones they’d like to go to first and plan the visits before you leave to give them something to look forward to.

Restart Your New Routine

Once you arrive at your new home, unpack your children’s rooms first to help them settle in. While the first night in your new dwelling is likely to be chaotic, reinstating a familiar routine is the best way to calm your kids. Help them adjust by sticking to their regular mealtimes and bedtimes. A handy tip to help save time and energy is to hire unpacking services from your Singapore moving company – as this helps you focus more on your children while someone else does all the hard work for you. 



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