Protecting Your Valuables When You Move to and from Singapore



Do you own a list of luxury items or priceless art and antique furniture you need to transport when you move house in Singapore or overseas? Your treasured belongings, whether they’re of financial or sentimental value, are an important factor to consider when moving from one residence to another – especially if you’re travelling overseas.

One of the main causes of stress for anyone preparing for a home relocation within or to Singapore, or anywhere else for that matter, is how to handle their most valuable possessions. Personal belongings don’t have to be costly to be cherished. Nobody wants to hear the heart-breaking news that irreplaceable items have been damaged, stolen or lost. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Don’t Cut Corners

If you’re relocating to the country for work or a lifestyle change, hiring an experienced Singapore removalist that specialises in international moving is the easiest way to ensure your belongings will be handled with proper care. If you’re moving locally and you decide to do some of the work yourself, you should still consider a reputable Singapore moving company if you need to relocate bulky and expensive items, such as art, dining sets, furniture or chandeliers. Professionals know how to appropriately process these objects and they have all the necessary equipment to handle your valuables with care. Attempting to move these items by yourself can result in damage, theft or loss. In the worst-case scenario, if you’re moving valuable bulky antique furniture, you could suffer injuries. At Allied, we have plenty of experience in this field and will look after your possessions.

Packaging Matters

When it comes to packaging, it might seem like any box will do however this is the easiest way to damage or break fragile items. Dish barrel boxes are the best option for your china. Always make sure that all the boxes you use have a sturdy bottom; if in doubt, reinforce them with tape. Packing paper and bubble wrap are essential items in any move. Use them liberally to wrap fragile items individually. Plastic wrap used by movers is a lifesaver for heavy items. Use it to protect large pieces or to keep odd-shaped items in a bundle. If you wish to save time, Allied can assist you with packing services.

The Family Jewels

For your own peace of mind, keep small valuable objects on your person. This includes jewellery, watches, family heirlooms, photos, passports as well as birth and marriage certificates. You will feel more at ease if you are the only one handling these items. If you have highly valuable objects, you should consider obtaining insurance for jewellery and art pieces.

Oil paintings require special packaging to protect them while allowing the canvas to breath. Don’t cover oil painting with bubble wrap. The bubbles can burst and leave marks on the painting. If you own art pieces that are covered by glass, make an X with tape to prevent it from breaking. Allied Singapore have patented floating crates for your valuable art and collectables which are customised to the correct size of your item.

Create an Inventory

With everything that goes on during moving day it is easy to forget or misplace items. You can make things easier for yourself by creating an inventory. Keep track of what is in each box and when the removalist’s truck is nearing empty and they are getting ready to leave check your inventory to ensure that everything has made it to your new home.


It can happen…

Although professional movers like Allied take all care in packing and transporting your household goods, accidents that are out of the control of the mover can happen. Containers can be dropped at the port or fall off the vessel on-route due to bad weather. Items can be lost during customs checks, and humidity and other temperature conditions can wreak havoc with your goods. Never under-estimate the importance of taking out full replacement value marine insurance for your precious items. Ask your in-home sales consultant for more information on what coverage is right for you.


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