Preparing Your Children for an International Move from Singapore

Moving from Singapore with children comes with many challenges. Your children will require a lot of support to adapt to your new country of residence. Their attachment to your current home and their age will have a significant impact on how they take the news. Some children might feel excited and ready for a new adventure, while others might plead with you to reconsider. Remember that with your love and support, they will be better able to cope with the situation.

Babies and Young Children

Babies, toddlers and young children can easily adapt to another country. They won’t really understand what’s happening and they won’t have a strong emotional connection to friends or locations. As long as you settle into a new routine soon after your international move, they will be accepting of the new environment. It is paramount to keep their favourite toys or comforters with you during the journey so they have something to help them settle if their emotions start to escalate.

Children at School Age

Children between 4 to 8 don’t usually have problems adapting to a new country. If they need to learn a new language, this is the perfect age for them to start. Although they will already have friends at school, they will be more willing to build new friendships. Be ready to answer all their questions in a reassuring manner. There are many books written about moving aimed at school aged children, it’s worth purchasing a few to help them understand and make the move more exciting. Let them know that everything will be OK and try to find some exciting destinations in your new country to plan some new experiences to look forward to.

Pre-teen Youngsters

At this stage, your children will have established friendships and are used to the area where they live. They might not take the news in the best way and you might even sense resentment. Tell them that although the international move is irreversible, they are going to be involved in the planning. For example, show them pictures of the new home where you will be living and perhaps let them know they can decorate their room in their individual style. Social media will allow them to stay in touch with friends, so remind them to get everyone’s profile ID. Ask them to make a bucket list of things they’d like to do in the new country and try to make them happen.

Teenagers & Young Adults

Your teenager is going through many changes while trying to find their true identity. The news of an international relocation from Singapore can certainly shake their world. At this age, your child will have a social circle and they might be reluctant to leave it behind. Tell them they can invite their friends to help them pack or you can throw a farewell party. Make them feel excited about the move and let them know about all the exciting things they have to look forward to, such as finding new hangouts, visiting new cinemas and shopping centres or learning another language.

While you have your children’s back throughout this process, Allied has yours. The team at Allied is committed to helping to lighten the burden of an international move from Singapore and will provide you with all the assistance you require from day one of your planning.

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