Planning a Relocation Back Home to the US



The United States has many opportunities of its own with a large population, diverse multicultural influences and geographical expanse consisting of 52 states, commonwealths and districts. If you’re a native of America and have been living in Singapore, it can be hard to imagine how life will be when you return home after an extended period abroad. Your work/life balance will have changed according with the local Singaporean lifestyle and America may now seem like a very strange animal.

If life is calling you back to the US, it’s time to start preparing for another big change – let alone the move home itself. While there might be a lot to do, if you take advantage of the services offered by a professional moving company with experience in international relocations, they can help take away some of the anxiety of the big shift overseas.

Ask Your Connections For Help

One big advantage of moving home to the US is you are likely to have family and friends there. Everybody gets busy living their lives, so go gently when you get home. Don’t try to bombard friends and family with tasks to help you. It’s a great idea to ask your associates which are the best websites to use to find a new home. Take a while to resettle yourself and use the internet to help you find somewhere to stay – especially if you’ve sold your former property and are looking for a rental in the meantime.

Being prepared before you arrive will make you feel more at ease, so start your research while you’re still on Singapore soil. If you’ve already done a lot of the work yourselves, your friends and family will most likely be delighted to chat about your plans and give helpful tips, rather than you relying on them in the first place.

Consult an Accountant

US citizens are required to file their tax returns every year, even if they move abroad. The tax system is complicated and your fiscal obligations can change depending on the time of year you return. Your situation becomes even more complicated if you wish to retain assets or investments in Singapore, therefore an accountant with experience in offshore investments can advise you and help you prepare for the move.

Rebuild Your Credit Score

Building a good score can take months after you’ve moved home to America so start preparing while you’re still in Asia. Some financial institutions allow you to transfer your credit cards over to the US. If that option is not available, request a credit report from your bank. Ideally, it should be from an institution that operates within the US.

Don’t Take Everything

Consider selling or giving away electronic devices. Household appliances usually require a transformer because the US and Singapore use different voltages. This can be cumbersome and it can damage your electronic devices in the long term.

Research Your Options for Healthcare Cover

If you have a job lined up, you are likely to have healthcare cover as a benefit. Others may have to shop around for a plan for returning expats. You might need short-term cover until you’re able to find a more suitable plan once you’re settled.

Accept The Changes

Relocating to the US will probably be an emotional moment. You will say goodbye to a culture that most likely made you feel at home. You will need to accept that the country to which you are returning is not the same one you left behind. Places and people will have changed over the years and you too will have grown to become a somewhat different person. While it’s recommended you plan your move home as much as possible, try to avoid mapping out your entire life in one go. Tread carefully, accept that change is natural and try to take things as they come. 



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