Packing Dishes and Glassware for Your Move to Singapore



Moving fragile items is a risky business and no one wants to open a carefully packed and labelled box marked “Fragile” to see the contents broken beyond repair. Allied moving services in Singapore offers ways to help reduce the risk of damage when entrusting your precious breakables to removalists.

China, porcelain and glassware are among the most fragile items in your home and are easily at risk of being damaged in transit. You don’t want to regret shipping your valuable figurines and ornaments due to tardy packing and too much movement during transportation. The key to avoiding these types of disasters is using the right packing materials and choosing a Singapore moving company with plenty of experience in international relocations.

Packaging Materials

Avoid using all-purpose moving boxes for this task. You will need sturdy, double-wall dish barrel boxes designed for china, glassware and fragile pieces. Obtain plenty of newspaper or butchers paper and bubble wrap to cover each piece individually. Remember to use foam peanuts and/or butchers wrap to fill in any gaps. If in doubt, always use more padding materials as it’s better to be safe than sorry. A helpful item is plastic cling film to fold around each individual plate as it sticks dishware together so movement is reduced. Allied can assist you with packing services to save you time.

Top Tips For Packing Breakables

All pieces, including lids, must be wrapped individually. Be generous and use as many layers as possible. Tuck in the edges or secure them with tape to prevent them from unwrapping. Now you can start packing the items.

It is preferable to have dishes of the same size standing sideways and not stacked on top of each other. If you have large items or platters, bundle them with other items of similar size. They should have all been wrapped individually at this point. Secure your bundle with more paper, bubble wrap and cling wrap. Make as many bundles as necessary. Use crumpled butchers packing paper to line the bottom of the box. Now place the bundles on the rows on the edge of the box.

If you have decided to stack your items, add layers of paper between items for extra cushioning. You can place smaller items, such as saucers or shallow bowls on top of the initial layer. Always place the heavier items at the bottom and the lighter, smaller ornaments and glassware at the top.

Mixing or salad bowls can be nested together and should be placed upside down at the bottom of the box. You can have smaller bowls standing up. Sugar bowls should be wrapped separately from the lids. Invert the lid on top of the bowl and use paper to secure both pieces together then add couple more layers to wrap the complete item. Use the same process for milk jugs and tea-ware. Use extra paper to protect handles. These items must be placed upright in the box and cups should be packed upside down.

When you finish packing each box, fill in any gaps with foam peanuts or newspaper wrap. Now shake the box gently. If the contents are unstable, add more padding.

Experts in relocations to Singapore will know how to handle these fragile items and most likely be able to deliver them to you in the condition in which they were originally packed.

Most of all, try to enjoy the moving process in Singapore and focus on a fresh start in your brand new home.




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