Our Favourite Singapore Expat Forums


When moving to Singapore, expat forums become a goldmine of information. There is nothing like first-hand experience; hearing from others can help you make the right decisions before, during and after your move to Singapore. Being in contact with other expats will help make it easier for you to understand the customs and traditions of your new host country. The value of being surrounded by likeminded individuals who have been through the same trials of international relocating should not be underestimated. Being able to talk to people who understand your frustrations and accomplishments when settling into your new home can help you settle in more effectively. 

The teams of experienced moving consultants at Allied have compiled a list of our favourite Singapore expat forums:

Singapore Expats

This is one of the most popular Singapore expat forums. Users can ask questions regarding all aspects of life in the Lion City. Users from all over the world come here for advice or to share their own experiences. Here you can ask more specific questions about your personal concerns. 

British Expats

This is another very active forum. Although it is mainly aimed at British expats, you will find plenty of useful information regardless of your nationality. Forum users will have no problem answering your questions.


The section of Reddit for Singapore is not specifically aimed at expats, yet you can interact with users who live in this busy city. If nothing else, you can always find something to make you laugh. 

Singapore Expats Facebook Group

Facebook Groups have made it much easier to find people with shared interests. This is one of the most active Facebook Singapore expat forums. If you already use Facebook, joining a group can be much easier than signing up to a forum and you can easily keep up with what’s happening with other members. 

New Singapore Expats Facebook Group 

This is another active group that can be particularly useful if you are planning your move or have just moved to Singapore. This is the perfect place to ask questions about accommodation and find tricks and tips on how to best settle into your new home. 

Australian Expats in Singapore Facebook Group 

This is a popular group for Aussies who have made the Lion City their home. You can keep up with what is happening in the city as well as ask for recommendations or general questions about your new address. 

Singapore Expats Classifieds & Singapore Expatriates Group 

If you are looking to buy or sell a few bits and bobs, you can use this group to advertise or purchase products. This group is very active, so you might only want to join if you are currently looking to buy or sell something. Although you never know what might pop up just when you need it.

The internet has definitely changed how people interact with their local contemporaries and nowadays it is much easier to find quick answers to any queries. Joining as many Singapore expat forums as you like will allow you to hear from people who have gone through the same hiccups and hurdles when looking for work, accommodation or when dealing with immigration matters in the Lion City. The best part of joining an expat forum in Singapore is you can make friends more easily, which is bound to help you settle in and overcome any homesickness you might be experiencing. 

Moving to Singapore

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