Order in The House! Prepare Your Home for Moving Day

Moving from Singapore? It’s time to get your house in order, and as Singapore’s award winning moving experts we have just the tips to help you prepare for moving day.

Tidy Up

Keeping your home as mess-free as possible certainly allows you to enjoy your space a lot more. It does not need to look like a show home but It’s hard to relax surrounded by clutter – and even more frustrating when you can’t find what you’re looking for. A clean and clear approach will be even more helpful when you are moving from Singapore. Try to keep your home as tidy as possible so it’s easier to organise your household goods more effectively and decide what you are taking with you and what you are leaving behind.

Save Time

Everybody is different and there are certain personalities that are not always prone to tidiness. While this may frustrate other members of the family, have a discussion to make it clear to every member of the household that each one of them – if they are old enough – will be responsible for their individual spaces. You can even include the littlies by giving them some tidying jobs to keep them busy with.

Each person needs to be in charge of keeping their rooms or areas they use the most as organised as possible. During a move, many items will come out of drawers and wardrobes, so it is easy to get lost in a mess. To avoid living out of boxes for weeks and never being able to find anything, tackle one room at a time. This is a more efficient approach and it will save you time.

Everything in Its Place

When you start getting ready for packing, you will need to make many decisions. Two of the main things to consider are what to keep and how many boxes you will require. Divide your belongings into three piles: things to keeps, things to sell and things to give away. Once you have reduced the number of items you are taking, you will have a clearer idea of how many boxes and packaging materials you need.

When your belongings are being shipped by Allied, your trusted Singapore international mover, you will need to provide a full inventory. It will be easier to have it done professionally but if you’re doing it yourself, go room by room.

Start by packing the items in the rooms that are not often used. If you have seasonal items you will not need for a while, you can pack those first. Keep track of what goes where to make your life easier when it comes to unpacking and always label your boxes by not only their contents, but which room they’re to be housed in. It allows you to find items more quickly.

And remember, if packing is not for you, our team of professional movers and packers can save you loads of time by packing everything for you.

Clean & Simple

If you’ve been renting in Singapore now is the time to ask around for reputable commercial-grade cleaners, so they can return your apartment to its pre-rented glory. Unless you are a professional cleaner yourself, and even if you have a domestic helper, don’t expect to be able to remember every little nook and cranny that a corporate-grade cleaner will be able to. For a list of recommended Singapore cleaning companies, head over the Expat Choice.

Remember Your Car Park, Shed and Attic

It is so easy to store items in the garage or storage cupboard and completely forget about them. Before you know it, moving day is approaching and you have a bunch of things to go through. To avoid shipping items you do not need or forgetting something valuable, sort these areas in plenty of time.

Keeping your home tidy in the weeks leading up to your moving day will not only make it easier to relax at home, it will help make your moving plans more efficient as you slowly sort out the contents of your home. Allied will be there to lift the weight off your shoulders and help you relocate successfully from Singapore. Call us to learn more.


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