Moving to Australia or NZ? Some Things to Know…



New Zealand and Australia are popular destinations for expats from all over the world. Australia is similar in landmass size to the United States, however it is not as highly populated. New Zealand covers an area comparable to that of the UK or Japan but with a lower population density. This has a tangible impact on the quality of life that residents enjoy. If you are returning to Australia after living in Singapore or moving there for the first time, here are a few things you should know.

Visa Restrictions

Both Australia and New Zealand use a points system to qualify you for a visa. There are many schemes available depending on your skills, family relations, nationality and even your age. If you are under 30 and from a qualifying country, you can apply for a mobility visa to gain work experience in both countries. In other cases, your future employer will need to provide documentation to the relevant authorities before you can apply for your visa. If you’re an Australian or New Zealand national and have children who have been born overseas, you will need to apply for their citizenship by descent.  

Taking Pets To Australia or NZ

If you adopted an animal companion during your stay in Singapore and you’d like to take them to Australia or New Zealand with you, you will need to follow certain requirements. Singapore is listed as a country where rabies is under control or non-existent but pet owners will still need to comply with regulations when entering either of these Oceanic regions.


Major cities in both countries have well-established infrastructure for public transportation but there are fewer options in regional and rural areas. Having your own car is the easiest way to get around in either to take in the sights of these breathtakingly beautiful countries. The car sales process is relatively straightforward but you must be aware of local taxes and laws and you must have a valid driver’s licence for each country if you’re planning to drive a vehicle. If you’re moving from Singapore and wish to import your car, you will need to apply for import approval.  

Culture Shock

Many expats don’t expect to suffer from culture shock when returning to Australia or New Zealand. While it’s unlikely you’ll face language barriers as both countries speak English, New Zealand dwellers will have to adjust to the dramatic drop in temperatures with the tropics now far behind and Australia has a varied climate that ranges from the minuses to high 40s – depending on where you’re staying. You won’t necessarily be immune to culture shock even if you’re returning home following a stint in Singapore. Reverse culture shock is a very real condition and if you’ve been away a long time it is likely you will be affected. With the support of friends and family, you will begin to settle in again.

If you’re a Singaporean national and moving from Singapore, of course you’ll have to battle feeling homesick, which is perfectly normal. Hopefully, your homesickness is only temporary – and remember the best way to adjust to your new environment is to get out and about to investigate everything your local area has to offer. 


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