Moving Large Items To and From Singapore



You’ve landed a dream job in a dream location. Singapore is a global financial centre with a balmy tropical climate for year-round warmth. Planning your move to Singapore will require a lot of research to ensure you’re prepared – especially if you own a lot of large items, you’d like to bring with you. This will require a few strategic decisions along the way, some more difficult than others, so that in the end you have plenty to be happy about in your new country.

Let It Go

Most of us have an emotional connection with our belongings, which is perfectly understandable considering their sentimental value. However, this is the time to be practical and let go of some items. Moving overseas gives you the chance to start fresh, so embrace the opportunity and leave the past behind. If you plan on selling your items, organise a garage sale at least a month before you leave.

Size Matters

Moving large items to or from Singapore is not hard if you have covered all your bases. If you are downsizing, you will need to limit the amount of furniture you take with you. Sketch a floor plan of your new home and, with the correct measurements, decide where every furniture item will go. Once you arrive, you can refer back to this floor plan to let movers know exactly which room to put each piece – making the whole process easier and less expensive if charged per hour. This also helps when moving large items to SG as your choices of what to take and what to leave behind become more straightforward based on size. If you’re only planning on living in Singapore for a few years, you can choose to put your belongings in storage during this time.

Take it Apart

You can help your movers and reduce the risk of damage to your items by disassembling them to make them easier to transport. Something as simple as removing the feet from a sofa can make a huge difference. You can make other pieces of furniture lighter and less cumbersome by taking off knobs, drawers, shelves or legs.

Protect Your Pieces

Adequate packing is the best way to prevent damage to your belongings. The same principle applies to larger items. Moving blankets are cheap and can be used for a multitude of tasks after you have finished moving to or from Singapore. Wrap dressers, tables and any other piece of furniture in moving blankets and secure them generously with stretch film. These two simple steps will help protect the finish and edges of your pieces, along with the walls and flooring in your new home.   For large high-value items like Pianos and pool/games tables, speak to your professional moving company about how these should be shipped.

Your Shipping Options

A professional company that handles international relocations to Singapore will be able to guide you through your options. You can share a sea container or choose airfreight. Shipping your items by sea will take longer but it is a cheaper option. You will need to have some of your furniture crated so that it is not damaged by multiple handling. Airfreight is usually more convenient if you are shipping small, fragile pieces.

The best recommendation is to consider what you can’t live without. If you find you cannot transport these bigger items with you to Singapore, then simply find a suitable storage facility back home to keep them indefinitely. Then make a list of things you can part with and downsize from there. Good luck and bon voyage!



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