Moving From The USA To Singapore, Choose Allied

Have you finally decided to take the big plunge and pack up your home for an international move? Whether you’ve lived in the United States your entire life, or it’s simply been one of many expat destinations, organizing your next move requires the expertise of an internationally trusted service. If you thought you were going to have to start anew and sell off, or donate all of your furniture and personal belongings that are too bulky to take with you, then think again.

With competitively priced shipping packages and a strong insurance program with an efficient claim center, Allied is in the best position to ensure the contents of your home are moved with the least financial burden to you.

Flexible Moving Packages To Accommodate Homes Of All Sizes

Whether you live in a single bedroom apartment, a large five-bedroom suburban home, a beach condo, or in a castle-sized mansion, Allied comes backed with the resources and the manpower to spearhead your move. Something to consider, however, is the dramatic difference in the size of typical living conditions for Singapore vs America. The United States rank as the third largest country in the world, meaning it has considerably more room for large homes with equally accommodating yards and gardens.

Singapore, by comparison, is among one of the smaller countries in the world and, as such, much of the housing options are smaller. Outside of the city, there are suburban homes with yards but these properties are considerably more expensive and not very economical for everyone.

A Moving Consultant Will Ensure You Find The Best Possible Moving Deal

Does the international mover you’ve chosen offer a move consultant to help you make the most of your shift and prepare you for what’s to come? If you’re moving from America to Singapore, then there are numerous factors you need to be aware of to ensure your belongings get to where they need to be without a hitch. Our consultants here at Allied are well versed with the various customs found at the ports of each country, and will be able to offer their expertise to ensure all of the necessary paperwork and documentation is in order.  


To find out more about Allied's moving services, or to book a consultation, visit or call +65 6862 4700.


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