Moving And Relocation Trends To Watch


In terms of global mobility, there are a number of marketplace trends that are directly affecting the way businesses are approaching the way they do things. Here are the most important factors to take into consideration.

It’s A True Global Marketplace

There has been a large shift in economic power, moving away from relatively stagnant markets in the developed west to the east and south (China, India, Brazil and Africa).

A Demographic Shift

The number of both assignees and assignments in the world’s emerging markets has increased. In fact, with more and more companies going global and setting up shop at international locations, there are concurrently more and more international assignees across the board. Another point here is that as millennials having more entrepreneurial minds who feel the need to be constantly mobile, they’re a much more difficult generation to attract and retain.

Younger Generations Are Entering The Job Market

Because of our surge towards globalization as a whole, it’s a whole lot easier these days for businesses to set up shop in multiple locations. As such, the younger generations that are entering the workforce will expect an international relocation as a natural part of their career with the company they’re employed by.

Technology Is Ever Growing

With the combination of technology always being improved upon and new tech being introduced to the market every single day, global assignments may change as well. Of course using a program such as Skype will never overtake actually being on location, but we really can’t predict where tech will be in a few years’ time.

Red Tape

While regulations in some locations are becoming more relaxed, factors such as visa arrangements and tax can be quite a challenge in other locations. Obviously a smoother process is just one incentive for businesses to send assignees, but sometimes countries with the more challenging red tape are a necessity to have operations in.

What About Your Mobility Policy?

Your company’s global mobility policy will differ depending on quite a few factors such as whether it’s short- or long-term, the role’s description and the location of the assignment, just to name a few. 


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