Long-Term Storage Options in Singapore

long-term self storage in singapore

Moving house isn’t always a straightforward business. Sometimes your lease overlaps with the signing of your new rental agreement and you have a couple of days, whereby you’re bunking down in a work colleague’s or friend’s spare room or even a nearby hotel with your entire family in tow. Therefore, using a secure Singapore storage facility when moving between properties has a number of advantages. Whether you require storage for a temporary stay, or you’re downsizing and need the space long-term, storage offers flexibility when planning a move, and may help reduce costs overall. 

Singapore storage is becoming increasingly valuable, in a country where space is at a premium. The Singaporean Government has plans for huge underground storage facilities to tackle this issue. 

Your options for safe storage in Singapore

When opting for storage, people need to know that their goods are in a secure environment. This means physically secure, with CCTV coverage and a staff presence. Security also means temperature and humidity control are required to preserve items in the same condition they were when they went into storage. The right packing materials should be used to protect goods further when packing or unpacking.

It is also essential when choosing Singapore storage to carry out an inventory of all goods to be stored. An inventory means the storage company can provide an exact quote for their services and assess what type of equipment to use. This is as important for temporary storage as for long-term and is a big factor when determining price.

Different types of storage

The most popular types of Singapore storage are modular and container. Again, it is essential that all goods are inventoried before deciding which is best. Modular storage involves a removals company arriving with just the right size and configuration of equipment to pack, move and store for a certain amount and type of goods. These are then placed in a warehouse as the removalist sees fit. This type of storage is more popular for temporary storage than longer term.

Container storage is often favoured for long-term use in the Lion City. This involves using a shipping container and storing all necessary goods for as long as required. This avoids double handling, as the container is filled once, and goods are left in situ after that. The less possessions are handled, the lower the risk of damage.

Container storage also gives people easy access to their belongings. All that needs to be done is to locate the container, then the customer can access it at any time, after making an appointment. This gives people peace of mind, which is especially important when goods are stored long-term.

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