Living In Singapore vs. London

As two of the most culturally vibrant cities on the planet, Singapore and London both offer their own distinct advantages and disadvantages when it comes to living. As the leading global movers, Allied has a first-hand idea of the pros and cons. Have a read of the following information so you’re fully prepared for your move to or from London.

Cost of Living

You might be interested to learn that the average person from both cities actually has the same monthly disposable income. According to the crowd sourcing website, Numbeo in October 2015, this amount roughly equates to £1,980. The difference is so minuscule, and comes down to Londoners earning 0.42% more disposable income than the average Singaporean resident.

Property Prices

Renting or buying a property in London is actually slightly cheaper in comparison to a property of a similar standard in Singapore. The prices will of course be dependent on whether you have selected an area in the suburbs or the heart of London itself. Whether you’re moving from Singapore to London, or vice versa, it is advisable to conduct a research trip first to search the real-estate market in person.


Whilst the prices in London and Singapore might vary, there are many similarities between the cultures of these two cities. Being culturally diverse hubs for Europe and SE Asia respectively, both cities are home to a vast variety of cultures, languages and nationalities. English is still universally spoken in Singapore however, so any English speakers looking to move abroad will have no difficulty asking for directions or purchasing groceries. Whilst both locations have a wide mixture of different cuisine from various cultures, nothing will ever taste as good as traditional dishes! London has many Singaporean eating options, but they most likely will not live up to the real thing.

Don’t Risk Using Local Movers

It might be tempting to choose the cheaper local movers (for either London or Singapore), this will likely result in more breakages and frustrating delays. Allied can offer a moving consultation to quote you on a competitive price whilst assuring you of the best packing solutions to get all of your belongings safely to your new home.


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