Ideas for Spending School Holidays Locally

If you have just moved to Singapore for work and are looking forward to your first school holidays with your kids, it’s a great time to explore this dazzling city – as there is plenty for families to during school holidays.

Even though children look forward to their school holidays they may become restless after just a few days away from their school routine so it is important to shake it up. Get out into the city and discover something new as a family. 

Help Instill the Love of Math with Pi Day!

Hosted at the Science Centre Singapore on March 14, every year.  The date was chosen due to the pi to two decimal places being 3.14. Celebrate the famous irrational number as well as Albert Einstein’s birthday with a range of mathematical activities. Visitors can also take part in the Pi Day March, whereby you can be one of pi’s number line. 

Fortify Children’s Imagination and Love for Science and History

Singapore is home to amazing museums including the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, where kids can discover dinosaur fossils and stare in awe at gigantic dinosaur skeletons. Feel the size and scope of nature by admiring the skeleton of a Sperm Whale and a range of beautiful wildlife. This museum is not a short trip; however, it has 16 different zones and 4 gardens to educate and excite young minds. 

The ArtScience Museum can include a wide range of different displays, with a staggering 21 gallery spaces. Previous exhibits include movie props from the magical world of Harry Potter and lost treasures in the exhibition “Shipwrecked: Tang Treasure”, a collection of artifacts found in the waters around Indonesia in the late 1990s.

MOSH! is an interactive science centre in which learning and creativity go hand-in-hand. In this innovative theme park, kids can create unique underwater creatures and interact with them on-screen then launch jumbo jets with a wave of their hands. 

Eat at Child-Friendly Restaurants

Forget stuffy, boring eateries that ignore children’s excitement for food and discovery and focus mainly on the adult’s dining experience. If you have recently relocated to Singapore, you will learn that children are treated as important members of the community. Take your family to an exciting meal at the EatPlayLove Craft Cafe in Kampong Glam, where kids can build craft projects under the protection of staff, while adults can enjoy a drink and their meal without distractions. Cafe Melba at the Goodman Arts Centre offers food that kids will love as well as an expansive lawn for children to tire themselves out on. On weekends, you may also be lucky enough to see a jumping castle!

If you’re moving to Singapore, contact Allied to set you on the right course. Once you arrived, make sure you spend school holidays out and about to see everything this amazing culturally rich city has to offer.


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