How to Reduce the Stress of Your Singapore Move


Moving is a stressful process in anyone’s life. This is not only because of the amount of preparation it entails, but also because of the emotional side. This is a major transition in your routine so it’s completely normal to feel anxious yet there are ways to alleviate the pressure.

Embrace the Change

Perhaps your relocation to Singapore is something you have been meaning to do for a while or perhaps it wasn’t entirely up to you to move. Whatever the case, having the right attitude will be extremely helpful during the moving process. Don’t think of this as the end of an era, think of it as a time to welcome new people and experiences into your life. Make the most out of this opportunity by keeping an open mind and visualising what you want out of the transition.

Do Plenty of Research

It’s normal to feel out of place when you are moving somewhere new. Make the transition easier for yourself by finding out the best facilities and attractions in your new area. Certain well-established reputable Singapore moving companies offer a plethora of extra services that can make the transition so much simpler, such as lease termination, temporary living services and pet and vehicle relocation. Look for nearby schools, shops and restaurants. Having this information will help you adjust more easily when you finally arrive as you’ll have a checklist of things you’d like to do.

Don’t Leave Things To the Last Minute

It’s very easy to put things off when you really don’t want to deal with them. However, this will end up causing you more stress in the long term. Plan your move, take your time and get the ball rolling at least eight weeks in advance.

Hire Professional Movers

Relocating your home is hard work, there is no doubt about it. Hiring professional Singapore removalists is money well spent. Find a reputable company to ensure your team of experienced movers can help you plan the move and even pack your belongings. Look on the company website as established professional moving companies often offer additional services, such as tenancy management and school searches in your new location. These services can prove to be invaluable when you’re not a local to Singapore or another destination country.

Ask For Help

Nobody wants to burden family or friends, however they’re often waiting in the wings to offer you the support you need during the transition. You will have a lot on your plate and there’s nothing wrong with asking for assistance, such as minding the kids while you get the big items boxed or helping you hold a garage sale to downsize your junk pile. Or perhaps you just need a welcoming ear to talk about your apprehensions before you move.

Take Care of Yourself

You will have plenty to do for a few weeks and you’ll probably consider skipping a couple of meals or staying up late packing. Don’t adopt unhealthy habits, pay attention to what you eat and get enough rest. Otherwise, your body won’t be able to cope and your stress levels will rise even more. If you’re moving abroad, give yourself enough time to say goodbye to friends and special locations, such as favourite restaurants, walking tracks and parks. This will be beneficial to your mental health as it helps create a sense of closure. And remember this is just a new chapter – not the end to your story. 



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