How to Help Ensure Your Personal Safety in Singapore



Moving to another country comes with excitement and apprehension. What will you encounter? Will you experience a culture clash and how do you not look like a clueless tourist, ready to be pounced on by opportunistic muggers? Personal safety is a huge deal when travelling, so fortunately Singapore has an outstanding reputation in this regard. There are still a few things you should keep in mind to prevent any incidents and ensure your personal safety in SG.

Don’t Let Down Your Guard

Singapore has a very low crime rate. Violent crimes and those of a sexual nature are extremely rare – due to the severity of the punishment in the country. One of the biggest advantages of relocating to Singapore is not having to constantly look over your shoulder, however, you shouldn’t take that for granted.

Crime is low but still exists, as it would anywhere else in the world. You wouldn’t want to be part of the unlucky one percent who has been the victim of a crime. The best way to avoid joining these unfortunate statistics is to remain vigilant, while still keeping a relaxed attitude. You don’t want to be highly strung and jump at the mere mention of walking home from a restaurant at night. This simply means making sure you lock your doors at night and keep valuable items out of sight.

Follow Your Instinct

All expats in Singapore should follow the same basic precautions that they would at home. If you have been out enjoying the night life, stay alert and keep away from dark and lonely streets. Arrange a registered taxi service if you don’t feel comfortable walking home. If you are out on your own, inform local friends or family of your whereabouts. Try to stay away from areas such as Orchard Towers, Geylang and Joo Chiat Road at night, where prostitution is known to take place. Pickpocketing and other petty crimes are more common in the red light districts and other crowded areas, so keep your belongings secure when surrounded by dazzling lights and multitudes of people.

Beware Of Fraudsters

Property rental scams are one of the biggest dangers for those planning a relocation to Singapore. Criminals pretending to be landlords will ask for a deposit in cash then disappear without a trace. You should only deal with accredited state agents and avoid paying cash. Always meet the potential landlord when you are signing your contract and find out information about the property by contacting local authorities, such as the Singapore Land Authority.

Cybercrimes has the infamy of being the only type of felony that has increased activity in Singapore. Keep your internet connection secure and install antivirus software on your computer. If you’re using an internet café, always delete your browser history to prevent sensitive information from being stolen.

Abide By The Rules

Most foreigners are more concerned about breaking the law themselves than being the victim of a crime. Singapore has very strict rules and newcomers could end up on the wrong side of the law for activities that might seem meaningless in their home country. Remember that the city is so clean because those who litter or chew gum are fined heavily. Without a medical prescription, chewing gum is banned and taking it into SG is illegal. Personal drug usage is a severe crime, while certain motor vehicle traffic offences can be punishable with jail time.

Being a foreigner and claiming ignorance will not, unfortunately, exclude you from the local legislation and the strict rules. So keep your wits about you and do your research to stay above the law and avoid any problems. 


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