How to Deal with Delays When You Are Moving to Singapore



You’ve decided to move to Singapore and you’re considering what needs to be done before you head off on your exciting new adventure. When moving overseas, it is important to prepare for possible delays along the way. There may be a hiccup at the start of your new job, which may cause difficulties with the bureaucracy involved in your international relocation. Other possible problems include unfinished house builds, refurbishments running behind schedule or, in worst-case scenarios, family emergencies.

If you’re wondering how to deal with delays when moving to Singapore, check the items below.

Start with a checklist of people or organisations you need to contact if a delay seems likely.

  • Current Landlord or Real Estate Agent – Explain your predicament and ask if there is a chance for an extension on your current lease or settlement if there has been a sale of your home.
  • Your Employer – If there are problems with your accommodation, they may be able to arrange something for you. In any other case, you will feel calmer knowing your employer is aware of the situation.
  • Removals Company – Contact them as quickly as possible and see if they will be able to accommodate your new date requirements, if not, it may be necessary to find a storage solution for your belongings during the interim.
  • Utilities Companies – You will need to contact your water, electricity, gas, telephone and Internet suppliers in both your country of residence and in your new home in Singapore. Postpone hooking up your new services and extend your current ones.
  • Insurance Companies – It is important to inform insurance companies, whether it is renter’s insurance, health insurance or travel insurance. The change in dates may affect your policy and a failure to inform them may end up in the policy becoming void.  Depending on your travel insurance, you may also be entitled to financial compensation if the delay is not your fault or unexpected at the last minute.
  • Rearrange Deliveries – If you have the transportation of items arranged for when you move to Singapore, contact the delivery company to discuss logistics and the possibility of the items being delivered at a later date or to an alternate address.

Try to Stay Calm

Frustration and panic are not helpful when you are trying to figure out how to best deal with delays when relocating to Singapore. You must remain calm and well organised. Keep a comprehensive list of anyone who can come to your aid at either end of your journey – at home and in Singapore.

Leave room to write details, too. It is essential to be thorough and keep not only the phone numbers to call providers and suppliers again, but the time and date of your initial contacts. Include the names of anyone you speak to as well as a reference number for the issue so it is easier to trace any conversations or online chats if anything goes wrong. It may seem excessive but these details could save you future headaches and expense.


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