How to Celebrate the Lunar New Year in Singapore


The Lunar New Year is celebrated by Chinese people all over the world and that, of course, includes Singapore. In accordance to the Chinese horoscope, 2018 is the Year of the Dog. The celebrations will begin on February 16 and finish 15 days later. There is plenty to do and see during that time so get ready to join in.

Take Part in Traditions

Chinese people believe that the New Year brings the chance to enjoy a fresh start, so they prepare in advance for this occasion. One of the main tasks is to clean their homes to get rid of any bad luck. They will also pay off their debts and buy new clothes. During this time, the colour red is predominant in decorations. This has its origins in the legend of Nein, a mythical beast that would eat livestock and people. The only way to scare away the beast was by hanging red lanterns and red couplets around their doors and windows.

One of the main events during Chinese New Year is a family gathering on the eve. This is an extremely important part of the celebrations as it is seen as a way to strengthen bonds. Many families will have flower and food offerings for relatives who have passed away. Food is essential during these reunions and it will usually include pork, prawn rolls, egg-rolls and yusheng salad. The latter has special significance and is known as prosperity salad. Everyone at the table is supposed to join in and use their chopsticks to toss the ingredients up in the air – the higher, the better. This ritual is meant to attract good fortune to everyone and it is something you shouldn’t miss.

Join the Festivities

Go to Chinatown and write your wishes on a piece of paper that is attached to an orange with a string. You should then throw it at a banyan tree so that it can be caught by the branches. One of the main attractions is the Chingay Parade, which usually happens along the Marina Bay waterfront promenade. This spectacle includes floats and many performers.

This is the perfect time to learn about Chinese culture and Huayi, the Chinese Festival of Arts, will give you the perfect opportunity to do so. This event takes place at Esplanade Singapore and includes theatre, music, dance and visual arts. The River Hong Bao Festival is another must. This festival lasts 17 days and you will have the chance to try delicious food, buy souvenirs and enjoy the decorations and street performances.

There will be a lot going on and if you get into the spirit, you will love every minute of it. 

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