How Allied Can Help You Move from Singapore to Melbourne

moving from singapore to melbourne

Moving your life to another country is a huge decision on its own, yet when moving from a multi-lingual culture in Singapore to the English-speaking country in Australia you need to consider many more aspects.
Whether it is temporary or you’re an expat returning permanently to your home state, you’ll need to be prepared for what lies ahead. Anyone starting the process of moving from Singapore to Melbourne will probably be full of questions and concerns. Fortunately, you can trust the Allied team to carry the burden. We proudly offer a large range of services to help you during your transition. 

Here are a few services we can offer you:


Fortunately, as Singapore is a global financial centre, many locals are bilingual, so if you’re a homegrown Melbournite, you’ll find speaking to a removals consultant very easy. While customs and cultures differ from your own in Australia, local Singaporeans also understand the global concerns of an international move. 

Removals are our speciality at Allied and we have decades of experience helping families and young professionals with their international relocations. Those moving from Singapore to Melbourne will need to get the ball rolling early on. We realise that sometimes opportunities come out of the blue and you might not have a lot of time to prepare. However, one of the first things you should do is get in touch with us as soon as you have a date in mind. This will allow us to give you a quote and advise you on other things that might be required, such as pet transportation or storage options. 


If your move to Melbourne is temporary and you are planning to return to Singapore at some point, you will probably be looking for storage solutions. Allied can organise for your belongings to be stored in a secured, climate-controlled location. We can help you provide a detailed inventory of what will be in storage to ensure that nothing goes amiss. Our team can transport everything directly to the storage unit on moving day. When you are ready to collect your belongings, simply get in touch with us and we will make arrangements to deliver your items.

Customs Clearance

Allied has been in the industry for centuries and our staff have handled moves all over the globe. Our experience gives us a unique advantage, so we can arrange all the necessary documentation to transport your household goods to Victoria. We will liaise with the customs office to ensure your belongings are cleared. We will also assist with any additional documentation that might be required. 


We know that most people hold trepidation about the tedious packing process. Let’s be honest, you will have plenty of things to do in the weeks before you move and the last thing you want to do is spend your time packing. Allied offers comprehensive packing services, so you can focus on other aspects of the process of moving from Singapore to Melbourne. Our team will carefully label all boxes and provide you with an inventory.

Other Moving Services

Our moving teams understand that there are many aspects of an international move that can cause a lot of stress. If you require help with immigration matters, pet relocation services or finding a new home, let us know and our experienced professionals will work with you to ensure a positive result. 

As you can see, Allied has all the necessary resources to deal with your international relocation. Thanks to our experience and network of specialists, moving from Singapore to Melbourne has never been easier.