Find New Fitness Friends in SG

Moving to a new country can open the door to fresh professional and personal opportunities. A great way to clear the cobwebs when you relocate to Singapore and you’re looking to improve your wellbeing is to find new ways to increase your health and fitness. Perhaps you have never been a gym lover or you’re not really into exercise. Giving yourself a personal challenge can do wonders for your self-esteem and it’s often a great way to meet new people, who can motivate you towards your new goals. With Singapore’s year-round climate being hot and hotter, training in an air-conditioned space is often the only way to work up a sweat without suffering from heat exhaustion.

Use Social Media

Join local groups to find out about fitness events or activities. Many people use social media to advertise their classes or to find new attendees to join them. Nowadays, the internet is the easiest way to connect with people who share your interests. If you like team sports, you can look for local leagues or teams that are looking for new members.

Find Your Gym

Enrolling in a gym is a fantastic way to meet people who can encourage you towards a healthier lifestyle. At the gym, you are surrounded by people who have something in common with you: they are interested in fitness and they live locally. Having a friend at the gym and being accountable to your training buddy is a great way to avoid lazing on the couch. Your friend can help motivate you to exercise when you’d rather stay at home.

Make a Move

While making friends at the gym is a great plan on paper, how do you go about going up to somebody without it seeming being awkward? Start by making small talk with the people you see regularly. This is often easier when you are taking a class as people are less likely to be wearing headphones. You can try to talk to someone before the class starts. Afterwards, you can make a passing comment about the class or the trainer. If you’re chatting for a while, make sure you ask questions as it usually puts people at ease to talk about themselves. You can enquire where they work or where they’ve moved from if you hear an accent.

Once you’ve established contact, it is time to take the next step. Even though you’re not asking the person out on a date it’s still nerve-wracking suggesting someone spend time with you. If there is a café in the gym or nearby, ask them if they’d like to grab a coffee together. Once you have had time to get to know them, always follow up. Next time you see them at the gym, ask about their week. Your conversations will soon become effortless and you will have a new friend cheering you on during each session.

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