Don’t Forget The Presents! – Useful Tips On Moving Before Christmas


Moving out of home to start your life in a new place is exciting, but for many people is also one of the most stressful undertakings of their lives, with high financial and emotional stakes and a million tiny things to consider, any of which could go wrong. Combining this hassle with the stress of Christmas-time, already a very stressful time of year and one which features many of the same pitfalls and stress generators, seems almost masochistic. But there is a certain logic to this decision. Here we can lay out a few ways to smooth your move around the Christmas holiday:

Plan Ahead – Really Ahead

It should go almost without saying that good planning – and early planning at that- are an essential component of any successful move. With all the chaos of moving day, there’s no way you want to be found unawares in the moment by something you failed to account for at the outset.

The festive season amplifies this need though, as moving companies see a large spike in demand and the potential consequences of missing anything weigh even heavier on you. Securing the services of a professional mover like Allied can take a lot of the stress off your hands straight away, so ensure you aren’t one to miss out.

Spread The Festive Word

One component of moving house which is sometimes glossed over is simply letting your friends, family, neighbours, services, and business colleagues know that you have moved. One way to handle a lot of those groups immediately is to include the news of your move in your annual Christmas cards. Just slip in a note with your new address, perhaps a photo for the curious, and you’ve made your life easier while spreading seasonal cheer.

Celebrate The Move As A Family

This one applies to young families more than anyone else, but it’s they who are probably hit the hardest, both by Christmas and moving. Children can find it hard to let go of an old home, especially if this is the first move they’ve experienced. Make things a bit more fun for them by turning the move into just another part of Christmas – have the tree and decorations moved earlier or packed lightly so you can set up as soon as you get to the new house, take them out to a Christmas event on the day of the move, and generally help them to associate Christmas – a celebration of rebirth and family togetherness – with the positive side of a new move.

Of course, it’s easier to focus time and energy on your family’s happiness when you don’t have to spend it on the details of moving. Make sure you engage a professional mover like Allied to help make your move a great Christmas memory.

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