Condo Moving Rules in Singapore

Condominiums in Singapore have increased in number over the past few years. This is because more than 90% of the population live in busy built-up urban areas. This has made Singapore an ideal place to work, live and raise a family.

Singapore’s urban areas have tall apartment buildings, state-of-the-art office buildings and condominiums, making the city a clean and modern place to live. So while you buy or rent one of these apartments in Singapore, you have to be aware of the existing condo moving rules, lest you incur unnecessary charges. These rules have been set by the government to ease the congestion that arises when moving from one condo to another.

The team at Allied has extensive experience moving in and out of condominiums in Singapore, so here are some of the condo moving rules imposed by the respective building owners, which all tenants have to be aware of when planning their move in Singapore.

Condo moving rules in Singapore

No moving into Condo’s on weekends

In Singapore, there are blackout days when all tenants are restricted from moving out or into a condo. These blackout days are Saturday and Sunday. You are only supposed to move on weekdays, that is during business hours Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. Weekend moving is discouraged, although some condominiums allow moving on Saturdays until 1pm (please check individual buildings for these allowances).

Submit a moving form

Before moving from your condo, you have to notify the building management by completing and submitting a form. This form is supplied by the management and should be filled in three days before the moving day. It is accompanied by a security fee, which caters for any damage caused to the property when moving. This fee does not include the charges issued by your Singapore movers.

The movers must be certified and identified

Your Allied mover must obtain a pass for security purposes. They are required to wear identification passes within the premises as the moving process is underway. They also have to report to the security office whenever they arrive and leave the premises.

Vehicles used

Vans or trucks used to move your belongings have to follow a specified route while driving within the premises to avoid unnecessary damage to property. Vehicles exceeding the set height of 2.8 metres are not allowed to access the basement of the condominium. The drivers of these vehicles must park in the designated areas in the basement or within the premises.

Transfer time must be stated in advance

The tenant has to notify the building management of the time they will be moving their belongings in or out of the condo. This allows the management to schedule use of service elevators and service staircases by the movers to avoid any inconveniences or delays.

Packing crates and bags are disposed of correctly

Make sure your movers do not leave rubbish lying around within or around the premises. If the tenant fails to ensure no rubbish is left behind, this will lead to the immediate suspension of the movers' activities within the premises and the cost of disposing of the rubbish.

The tenant is held responsible for any misconduct or damage

In case the property is damaged while moving a tenant’s belongings, the said tenant incurs the cost. The behaviour of the moving crew is also a responsibility of the tenant while they are within the premises.

A good moving company will do all this for you.

Choosing an accredited and reliable moving company like Allied allows you to avoid the mass of paperwork with the condo.

Allied will coordinate the move with your condo management directly on your behalf, and will also pay any deposit required.

To avoid any nasty surprises when moving from or to a condo in Singapore, only hire the best. Allied is backed by many years of experience moving belongings safely from condo to condo in Singapore.