Choose a New Hobby to Meet New Friends in SG

If you’ve chosen to relocate to Singapore for work and now that all the fuss of moving is over and you’re settled into your new home, you’re probably wondering what to do now. You have been getting to know your neighbourhood when you suddenly realise that there are great adventures to be had but you have no one to share your memories with. Even if your family has relocated to SG with you, you will most likely want to cultivate your own group of friends. 

Breaking the Ice
Adults usually have a harder time making new friends than young people do. It might take some extra effort but it is by no means impossible. Singapore is a busy city with long work hours, yet its inhabitants love taking time off to relax and explore everything the country has to offer. There is such a mix of cultures and backgrounds that you are sure to find someone who shares your interests. 

You can start by joining international clubs or associations. Singapore is home to people of many nationalities, so it isn’t too hard to find expats from your country of origin. The American Association of Singapore, Australian and New Zealand Association, The British Club, Hollandse Club and The American Club are just a few examples of the organisations you can join. They cater to families and are a great option for anyone looking for their daily yoga or Pilates fix as well as expats who are into sports. The clubs throw regular events to honour their country of origin’s festivals and public holidays back home, as well as functions to help newcomers meet and greet fellow expats. 

Gather a Few Kakis

Kaki is a word used to describe people who join you in different activities and can also be a term for buddies or mates. For example: mah-jong kaki, golf kaki or karaoke kaki. A kaki is basically someone you would meet while taking part in one of your favourite hobbies. You can have different kakis for each activity that interests you and some of these may become long-lasting friendships. 

Use social media and networking sites to locate groups of like-minded people. Singapore is culturally vast and there is no shortage of people keen to take part in all types of activities. Take the plunge and be proactive. 

Learn a New Skill

If you love learning new things, make the most of it! Taking a lesson or a course is an easy way to flush out people who have something in common with you. There is an endless supply of classes in Singapore, from language to crafts and everything in between. 

Volunteer Your Time

Giving is often more satisfying than taking. If you have spare time, why not volunteer at an organisation of your choice? They will truly value your time and you will be able to meet new people who share a passion for the same causes. A couple of hours a week can make a huge difference to a not-for-profit organisation and it gives you the chance to make friends. 

Be Active

If you’re sporty, use your interest in physical activities to advantage by joining your local sports team or attend group fitness classes. Plenty of people have made friends at the gym.
Don’t sit around at home waiting for life to happen to you, go out and make it happen! Remember to take the initiative and your efforts will eventually pay off with your phone ringing hot with invitations to social events. 


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