Checklist When Moving into a New Home in Singapore


Moving into a new home can be a wonderful experience because of the new memories you’ll create in your new property and the new people you’ll meet as neighbours. While it may be a new home to you, it was someone else’s residence previously. Therefore, there are some things you have to do as soon as you move to the new house. Consider this to be a checklist of items you can cross off as soon as you have carried them out.

Here are a few things you should do when you move into a new home in Singapore.

Make sure you change the locks

Since your new home was previously lived in by strangers, you can never be sure who has access to the house. It may be the real estate agent or even the former resident. Therefore, as soon as you move into a new home in Singapore, change all the locks in the house. This will ensure you are the only ones to have access to the property. You can buy the locks for about SGD$10 each then install them yourself or call a locksmith who will charge a small fee.

Inspect your new home for any plumbing issues

Hire a certified home inspector to check for any plumbing leaks or water heater/boiler issues. Plumbing leaks can be disastrous if allowed to linger. Check for dripping faucets, broken sinks and leaking toilets. Inspect the water heater to make sure it is working as expected. You may need to get your landlord to buy a new water heater and you may need to contribute to the cost if it is not within the tenancy warranty period. Check your water meter to identify any sudden indication of water usage that indicates a leak.

Get rid of any pests or animals

If the last resident of your new home left a long time ago, there might be a prevalence of pests all over your property. These pests might include mice, cockroaches, bats and other vermin. You can get rid of them yourself by setting traps all over the house or by spraying insecticide. However, the best option is to hire an exterminator who will charge a fee but guarantees a pest-free house. Inspect every nook and cranny to make sure there aren’t any dangerous pests, such as snakes, to ensure the safety of your family.

Make sure you are aware of the electrical circuit box and wiring

Whenever you move into a new home in Singapore, you have to be in the loop concerning the electricity box and wiring in your house. This helps prevent electrical hazards. Get to know which fuses controls which part of your new property and label them appropriately. During this inspection, you might notice a faulty wire, which could become a bother in future. In case you want to carry out minor installations, such as fixing a bulb, you will need to know where to switch off the power to that part of the house.

Do a thorough inspection of the premises before moving in

Before moving into a rented property, always ensure you do a thorough inventory and test that everything is in working order and alert the landlord, or their agent, of any issues that need to be resolved.  Most tenancy agreements in Singapore only allow for a certain amount of time to pass during which the landlord will cover repairs – otherwise you might be liable to contribute to the costs yourself.  For better peace of mind, take plenty of photos of the property during the initial inspection in the case of any disputes.

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