Benefits Of Moving To Singapore & Ways To Save Money Moving Abroad


Whilst moving abroad can be a very daunting and often challenging experience, there are numerous steps you can take to cut down on costs and unnecessary obstacles at the same time. Ultimately, living in a foreign country is an immensely enriching experience and Singapore in particular offers many advantages to expats looking to take the big leap and move overseas. Here are some of Allied's top benefits and cost cutting tips for those looking to move to Singapore.

Plenty Of Property Options

Whilst the island of Singapore might be stretched for space, it more than makes up for that fact with its many high-rise apartment buildings and condos. This means you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding where you want to live. Don’t worry about navigating all those stairs though, because here at Allied, we’ll be able to move all of that bulky furniture into your new home with no problem at all.

Affordable & Accessible Travel Options

Whilst travelling to Singapore can be quite a journey for many expats, once you are finally settled, there are many holiday options right there on your doorstep. Serving as a convenient hopping point into most of SE Asia, you’ll be able to find many budget airlines that can take you to countries such as Malaysia and Thailand for a weekend away.

Crime? What Crime?

Singapore is known for having a zero tolerance policy for drugs and this dedication to law enforcement is reflected in its remarkably low crime rates.

Doing A Trial Run First Could Save You Money

It’s advisable when moving internationally to conduct a trial run to get a lay of the land. Not only will this allow you to locate an affordable place to stay, but it will present an opportunity to discover where the locals buy their groceries or eat their meals so you don’t spend more than you have to.

Only Sell Your Assets When The Time Is Right

If you are planning on selling your home or business before you move, do so when the market is in your favor. Conduct plenty of research ahead of time and shape your timeline around this information. Even if you have to sell early and rent a place before you move, you could end up earning a more favorable return on your investment.

Allied Offer Many Affordable Moving Packages

As the global moving leaders, we have an established network of resources that stretch around the globe. Due to this, we are able to offer our clients tailored moving packages that cut costs and ensure they only receive the very best service, keeping them on time and within budget. Contact our team today to see what deals we can arrange for you.

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