Being a Trailing Spouse in Singapore



Is supporting your spouse’s career decision taking you all the way to Singapore? At first, this may seem as though you’re sacrificing a lot: your social life with friends and family, your local infrastructure and even your own career path. You may feel like an afterthought and that while your partner benefits professionally from the move, you fall into their shadow. Fortunately, this will only happen if you allow it. There is a lot to look forward to in Singapore, so be ready to seize any opportunities that come along!

Make Time For Yourself

Once the decision has been made to relocate to Singapore, there will be a lot to do. Begin preparing for the move by researching decent neighbourhoods to live in and, if you have children, start looking for the best local schools. While a seemingly endless to-do list may keep you from focusing on how the move will affect your personal and professional life, it’s a good time to start planning how you will maintain your relationships at home. Make sure you schedule regular phone or video calls with family and friends so you maintain your familiar support network.

If you’re used to having your own income and being independent, take the necessary steps to keep your life that way. Quitting your job doesn’t mean the end of your career. Be proactive and start searching for job opportunities before you leave or consider upskilling so you can work remotely. Moving to Singapore might give you the chance to explore new fields or finally follow the career path you’ve always wanted. Perhaps, you’d like to take a break from your old career and focus on your family or undertaking some charity work. Any decision you make will help you feel as though you still maintain some control over your day-to-day routine.

Avoid Turning Into A Hermit

After the relocation is complete, your spouse will head off to work and you will be left to fend for yourself. You might feel anxious heading out to explore unfamiliar turf, but this will help you acclimatise and give you a sense of control over your environment. Go for a walk, if you have children, take them to the park or to the playground. Do whatever you can to become acquainted with your new SG address. While interacting with your new surroundings is great for your wellbeing there is nothing wrong with staying at home occasionally to just relax and allow the dust to settle on the big move.

Don’t Mourn Your Old Life

It’s perfectly natural to feel homesick from time to time and miss your old life and the meaningful relationships you left behind. Make forming new acquaintances and connections a pet project, whereby you join local clubs and blend in with Singapore’s large community of expats, who may be willing to share their relocation experiences with you. Singapore has a lot to offer so keep a positive attitude to help you recognise the opportunities that come your way.


If you are looking for work in Singapore, the following local Expatriate organisations can offer great advice and leads for positions in Singapore.  Please contact them for more information.

American Association of Singapore – Career Resource Centre for Excellence

ANZA – Careers Centre

Australian Chamber of Commerce – Jobs Portal



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