Back to School in a New Country


Introducing your children to other cultures is a gift they will be able to treasure for the rest of their lives. If work opportunities are taking you as far away from home as Singapore, be practical by considering what that means for each member of your family. Your children’s education is a high priority, which won’t change just because you’ve moved to Singapore. However, there will be new challenges you will all learn to face together.

Overcoming the Stress of Relocating

Your entire family is going through a big adjustment period. Depending on their age, your children might feel overwhelmed and anxious about starting school in another country. Whether you’re heading off indefinitely or you’re contracted for the next three years, it is perfectly natural for your kids to be upset about saying goodbye to their old friends and teachers. They will need your support and understanding to get through this unsteady emotional time.

Remind them to make sure they have all their friends’ contact details, while assuring them – depending on their age – that they can stay in touch via social media and video calls from time to time. Try to make the situation relative and let them know how you felt about and dealt with upheavals at the same age, so they know you understand something of what they’re going through. Get them excited about the possibilities of making new friends in Singapore. Use the sports and hobbies your kids are interested in to encourage them with examples of how they may meet other like-minded children and teens. Good communication is key so let your children know that it’s okay to feel nervous, while reassuring them it is only temporary.

Be Prepared

Choosing a good school might be one of the hardest tasks during the Singapore moving process. Talk to other expats in the area and strongly consider what you want for your children. You will surely find international schools in your new location, which can make the transition easier. On the other hand, enrolling your children in a public school will give them the chance to fully immerse themselves in the culture and become friends with local children. This would be extremely helpful if they are required to learn another language.

Thoroughly research the location of the school and make an appointment to visit if possible. Read the school website and prospectus so you and your children know what to expect. Explore the possibility of extracurricular activities or class trips so they can get excited before their first day of school. Check your child has everything they need in their backpack. Something as trivial as forgetting a pencil sharpener can potentially embarrass them in front of their new peers.

Always Put Your Child’s Needs First

You may have done all your research and enrolled your children in a Singapore school with a spotless reputation only to find your kids are not a good fit. This does not mean you or they have failed, but it’s important information to take to new principals when interviewing for other schools to enrol them. Open communication with your child and any potential schools will allow you to resolve any problems and hopefully find a successful outcome. 



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