Ask The Experts: FAQs On The Best Way To Move From Toronto To Singapore


Each year, Singapore receives expats from all around the world. As a popular destination for those seeking employment, a better family environment, or simply for a change of scenery, many individuals are attracted to Singapore as an excellent country to relocate to. If you’re moving from Toronto and are unsure as to the best way to move you and your family halfway around the world, Allied have some useful facts and information that you might find helpful.

Opting To Use An International Mover Over A Local Mover

Moving countries is a completely different beast in comparison to moving interstate or a few suburbs over. You’re forced to contend with elements such as customs, regulations and a whole stack of confusing paperwork. This is especially true if you’re planning on shipping the bulk of your furniture and personal items along with you. Whilst there may be many moving services in Toronto to choose from, you can’t guarantee the same level of service at the other end. Many local movers outsource the unpacking component of their service to unreliable third party movers on the Singapore end. This means the same people packing your belongings, won’t be the same ones unpacking it, compromising the high quality service you were promised when you paid them.

As Allied is a global moving service with a network of service providers and facilities located around the world, we offer a consistent level of professionalism across the board. All of our end-to-end moving solutions adhere to the stringent quality control measures of the FIDI Network, meaning you can rest assured that you’ll always receive the most reliable service when you choose us.

Cultural Differences To Look Out For

Whilst Toronto experiences both hot and cold seasons, you should prepare yourself for year round humidity when moving to Singapore. Winter is quite a foreign concept there as the small island nation is very closely situated to the equator.

Singapore is also very culturally and religiously diverse, meaning those of all faiths and backgrounds will feel at home in this eclectic mix of nationalities and backgrounds. English is one of the main spoken languages, so those from Toronto will experience little to no difficulties regarding language barriers. 

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