Are You Ready to Repatriate?

Every journey comes to and end and perhaps it is time for you to repatriate home from Singapore. Singapore is a fantastic country, yet expats often have to contemplate the possibility of going back to their homelands. If you are in this position, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Expect Chaos

After settling in a new country, it is easy to forget about the moving process and the difficulties that come with it. This is not just in terms of logistics, but also at an emotional level. Once again, you are getting ready to pack up everything and say goodbye to a place you have called home for a while. You might feel emotional during the weeks before and after the move, but soon enough you will enter a new stage of normality.

Be Prepared for Change

In many cases, expats find it harder to go back home than when they initially landed in their new host country. This is mainly due to expectations. When the time came to plan a relocation to Singapore, they had a general idea of what life would be like there so they looked forward to a new adventure and were ready to embrace change.

Things are quite different when you are preparing to go home. You already know what it was like living in your country, but remember that home – and most likely you – won’t be the same by the time you go back so don’t expect to go back to what you once knew. You’ll have grown, had different experiences and possibly feel differently about where you lived before. Even if you visited home for frequent holidays, everyday life will not be what you remember. Keep this in mind and you will find it easier to adjust.  

Be Clear about Your Reasons for Leaving

Sometimes things simply do not work out as we hoped they would. In other cases, there are opportunities that we cannot overlook or perhaps your work contract in Singapore is now complete and it’s time to move home. Regardless of the reasons why you are going back, it is important to be at peace with this stage in your life. If there is a list of things you wish you had done or seen in Singapore, give yourself time to do them. If you had a hard time getting used to life in this country, try exploring it as a visitor and see it from a different perspective. Whatever you do, do not leave Singapore wishing you had enjoyed it more.

Make a Plan

Once again, you will need to start planning your international relocation. This does not have to be stressful if you trust the right people. At Allied, we are more than happy to help you through every stage of the move and make your departure as anxiety-free as possible.


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