Moving from Singapore to Australia? What you need to know

moving from singapore to australia

Australia is a vast, expansive country and it offers a lot to expats who decide to become honorary Aussies. Many Singaporeans have made the land down under their home and there are so many reasons to follow their lead – fresh air, temperate climate, beautiful cities, regional areas and friendly locals. If you are considering moving there, here are a few things to keep in mind. 

Embrace Change

It is normal for anyone moving from Singapore to Australia to feel slightly apprehensive about getting used to your new laid-back lifestyle. While there might be challenging times along the way, try to enjoy the international experience and remember you’ll have memories to treasure for a lifetime.

Australians really value a positive attitude and it will help you enjoy the experience more and overcome any obstacles you might encounter. 

Language Issues

In theory, those moving from Singapore to Australia should have no issues understanding the locals. In practise, you are likely to have some misunderstandings as the local jargon can be quite colourful – especially in rural areas. In general, Australians don’t speak as quickly as local Singaporean under the language’s Chinese influence, Australians may not recognise some of the more unusual terms. Do not expect the locals to understand Singlish and be prepared to be asked to repeat things or talk more slowly.  

Finding Accommodation in Australia

One of your biggest concerns will no doubt be finding the right type of accommodation. Australian cities are much larger than what you are used to so there will be plenty of options and you don’t want to find yourself leasing an apartment or house too far from your place of work. When you first arrive, it is worth renting or staying in an AirBnB property to find an area that suits you best. Keep in mind that some neighbourhoods are quite old, so you might come across properties with a lot of character that have been around for 50 to 100 years so interiors may be old and worn.

You will need to get a good feel of the area to decide if you prefer to be in the centre of the action, close to the city CBDs or if the suburbs are more suitable for your lifestyle. There is plenty of space and owning a vehicle is far easier in Australia so consider buying one, especially if you have decided to live in the suburbs in one of the country’s many sprawling cities and towns. 

Finding Work in Australia

In general terms, professionals in Singapore tend to earn more than those doing manual work. In Australia, however, that is not the case and tradespeople can earn the same, if not more, than people with certain qualifications. If you have moved to Australia without a job lined up, be prepared to be asked for local references.
Don’t despair and accept job offers you might never consider in your home country. Building connections and obtaining references will eventually allow you to apply for the type of job you want – but be patient and don’t let rejection letters discourage you. 

When you are moving from Singapore to Australia, you will have a long to-do list. Luckily, Allied is here to help you plan to help make the relocation process as efficient as possible. Get in touch so we can get started. 


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