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Moving Tips

moving tips

Moving usually involves a lot of steps, leaving many wondering where to begin. At Allied, we believe that an organized plan of action is the most successful way to approach a move.  For your convenience, we have developed moving tutorials designed to help you complete your move in sections. Each tip is carefully designed to guide you through each phase of the moving process.  We will help you to establish a moving checklist, packing time line, find helpful resources and more.

By using our structured moving plan, you will always have a detailed map of where you are going during your move. From packing each room in your home to making provisions for pets, we cover every aspect of the moving process to help make your move much easier. We offer great tips on how to pack fragile items, electronics, large pieces of art, as well as how to ship pianos, cars, boats and motorcycles. Our moving tips will keep you aware of important dates associated with your move, and our guidelines will help to keep you informed of what to expect during your move.

Our agent experts are well-trained, and they know how to handle any issue that arrives during a move. As you go through your moving guide, feel free to ask us questions. We are here to help you through the moving process, and that is one of the many great advantages you have with Allied.

Allied's Tips for Moving Makes it Easy

With over 85 years of moving experience, we know how to help our customers. We recognize that we are moving more than just the appliances in your kitchen. We are moving memories of family dinners and celebrations. We understand that we are shipping more than just your car. We are transporting your road trips and your summer vacations.  We know that each box we pack represents who you are, and we respect that.

All of our moving tips are created to not only make moving easier for you, but to help protect the history of what is packed in your boxes. We want to help you to transport your dreams and new experiences, and we want to do so with quality you can trust.

Each moving tip we provide is given so that your moving process is less stressful, and you can look forward to where you are moving to. We go above and beyond understanding your expectation and moving needs, so that your moving process runs smoothly.

Use Allied's Hints, Suggestions, Tips for Moving

If you would like to make your next move easier, we encourage you to visit our additional moving tips pages for great hints and helpful suggestions. For additional information on how you can get started using Allied as your moving resource, give us a call today at 1-800-444-6787 and we will be happy to help you.


We have never moved before and we were skeptical at first. We would use Allied again and I would recommend them.

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