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Home Storage Solutions When You Downsize Your Home

People downsize their homes for a variety of reasons: their kids have moved out, they’re moving to a new city, finances, etc. Whatever the reason, downsizing can be both a blessing and a curse. Because let’s face it – most of us have a lot of stuff! The first order of business when downsizing is to de-clutter your home. The second is to figure out home storage solutions for the belongings you decide to keep. Consider the following solutions that will create more space in your new home:

  • Shelves. This is a great way to use wall space and display décor. If you’re hanging the shelves in the closet, purchase shelf dividers, which help organize shirts, jeans, sweaters, etc. This will create more space and help you use that space well – not to mention you’ll create a neater-looking area.

  • Furniture that doubles as home storage. Make the most of the space you have when you use it for dual purposes. For example, purchase a hollow ottoman with a lid and use it to store blankets or board games. Or, consider getting a bench with storage baskets underneath. There are plenty of stylish pieces that will serve you well.

  • Under the bed. There are some places in the home where storage can be the primary purpose – and this is one of them! Buy several plastic home storage containers and store them under your bed. Since the containers will be “out of sight,” they’ll probably be “out of mind” as well. Because of that, consider storing things you don’t use often here.

  • Closet organizers. These home storage solutions – which can be purchased at any home goods store – often include sections for shoes, drawers for clothing, multiple rods for hanging clothes and belts, and more. Essentially, they make use of all of the empty space that’s difficult to use in a standard closet.  

When using these items to create home storage solutions, keep in mind the following tips:

  • Square containers are better than round ones, because they maximize space well.

  • Consider prime real estate – or the area between your knees and shoulders. Since these are the easiest spots in your home to reach, keep your most frequently used items here.

  • Keep heavier items on the ground for easier access. If you can’t lift the box/item down from a shelf or closet, you’ll be far less likely to use it.

The key to creating home storage solutions is to only keep what you’ll use – and keep those items where you can most easily find and access them. Good luck with your downsizing!