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Carey Moving & Storage of Asheville Inc.
15 Weston Road
Asheville, NC 28704

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28803 , 28704 , 28806 , 28804 , 28739 , 28787 , 28732 , 28805 , 28792 , 28715

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Long Distance Moving, International Moving, Household Moving, National moving, Corporate Relocation, Residential Moving, Interstate Moving, Intrastate Moving, Full Service Moving, Packing & Crating, Moving Supplies, Free Moving Quotes, Competitive Pricing Local Moving

Carey Moving & Storage of Asheville Inc.

"Carey Carries Carefully" If you are considering a move within Asheville, North Carolina, and are researching companies you have probably already realized the amount of movers Asheville has. Moving yourself can be risky and stressful and hiring a professional company may be the best choice for you. Carey Moving and Storage right here in Asheville can provide you with whatever you need for your relocation at a great price and promise top-rated service while we do it. We have been in business since 1907 in the Southeast. This gives the advantage of having years of experience, which gives us the ability to train our employees to handle any logistical situation that can arise during the course of a move. Our highly trained movers are second to none and our relocation consultants can help you plan through any move no matter how big or small.We are one of the most well-known movers Asheville has for a good reason. If you are interested in moving with us please contact one of our professional relocation consultants for a quote. If you would like to visit our office to learn more about our services please schedule a meeting as we are not a walk-in facility.

Languages Spoken: English

It's the things other than the act of moving itself that make moving so tough. Dealing with new neighbors, making home improvements, and even acclimating to a new culture and/or language can be the most trying aspects of relocation. Unfortunately, you'll still have to take care of these things yourself. But moving your belongings --? It's best to leave that to the experts.

During its 80+ years as an industry leader, Allied has refined and streamlined the process of moving. Our van line network and expert staff can easily handle all types of personal and corporate relocation needs. We're proud to bring an unparalleled level of professionalism to every move we make.

Allied by the Numbers:

  • 40+ countries with Allied owned-and-franchised operations, supported by preferred agents in the rest of the world
  • 400+ agent locations throughout North America
  • 600+ city locations worldwide
  • 90,000+ families moved every year
  • 5,000+ long-haul and regional vehicles
  • 2,200 specially trained drivers
  • Founded in 1928

Allied isn't a company that is content with present successes -- we're always striving for the utmost in quality. We are proud to be awarded for our efforts with the Quest for Quality award for Household Goods and High-Value products --- not just once, but 18 times! We're willing to go above and beyond to make your move as stress-free as possible.

At Allied, we raise the bar high, and we intend to clear it. As one of the largest professional moving companies, we have the international presence and employee expertise to deliver exceptional results to a wide variety of relocation clients.

Okay, take a deep breath -- feel better? Relax. We carry the load.

Long Distance

The longer the move, the greater the chance that plans (or packed items) may go astray. If you’re moving a long distance, you should leave relocation to the professionals. Allied is a superior long distance moving company that has offices all over the US and is staffed by experienced employees. Our unique customer services—from our online tracking feature to custom crating to appliance disassembly—have earned us renown. Call today to learn how we can help you get to your new home.

Cross Country Moving

In today’s fast-paced world, there’s no reason for your cross-country move to be low-tech. Allied features a fleet of 5,000+ state-of-the-art vehicles and 2,200 specially trained drivers. Our moving company’s online shipment tracking, which is available 24/7, is a valuable resource for keeping tabs on your packages. On Allied’s website, you’ll also find mortgage calculators, relocation tips, and more to guide you through your cross-country move.

Interstate Moving

No matter what the circumstances—if your job transferred you, if you want a fresh start, or if you’re closing the gap on that long-distance relationship—the fact remains that you have to plan an interstate move. Allied has air-ride suspension-equipped vans and specially trained drivers that can keep your belongings safe while moving from one state to another. Our top-rated, nationwide network of agents and our online tracking system will ensure a smooth move.


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