Are You Planning a Move? You Need the Best Moving Services in India

Let's be honest, moving house is rarely straightforward. Yet, what if there were moving services in India that could assist you for a seamless result? Our relocation specialists at Allied will always take time to inventorise your belongings, listen to your needs and consider your best interests. It’s our job to ensure you are provided with the most efficient and stress-free relocation possible. 

Whether you're moving closer to family, being relocated due to work, or finding your heart following the hustle and bustle, Allied offers moving services that suit every lifestyle change. Speak to us directly for a free consultation, so we can provide you with a quote and guide you through the whole relocation process. 

Here is your checklist to make sure we help you carry out the simplest move possible. 

1. Choose a removalist that offers a personalised quote.

To ensure you are engaging the most affordable and quality moving services for your circumstances, it is best to speak personally to a removalist over the phone or face to face. They can then generate a quote based on what you are moving, where you are moving to, and what your budget allows, such as added extras including packing and unpacking. Give your mover as much detail as possible to avoid any confusion. 

2. Put all your eggs in one basket.

If you require multiple moving services in India, it’s a lot easier to hire a removalist company that offers an all-in-one service. At Allied, we offer the relocation of your home contents, your pets, and vehicles. We also offer packing and unpacking of boxes, small repair jobs and minor carpentry works, such as hanging pictures, dismantling furniture and reassembly, as well as placement of pieces in your new home. 

Make sure you are clear about what you want beforehand, so our movers can include any extra services in the final quote. If you’re looking for the easiest option, our movers can take the entire moving process out of your hands with our comprehensive range of moving services.

3. Prepare your move in advance. 

This one might sound obvious, but it’s very common to be disorganised when so much is going on in your home. We recommend avoiding last-minute panic by planning your move in advance – with at least 6 months up your sleeve if you’re moving overseas and at least 8 weeks if you’re moving locally. If your situation doesn’t allow you enough time to plan ahead, contact our removalists today so we can try our best to work around your circumstances. 

Allied provides affordable, quality and efficient moving services in India, ensuring a safe and stress-free relocation. Contact us for a free quote and moving consultation.