Preparing Your Children for an International Move

Nowadays, work could demand you to relocate to another country. Transporting your belongings and finding a practical place to live is one thing, preparing your kids to relocate is another. Moving may not be as easy for children as for adults. Young ones may need more time to prepare and adjust to the new environment. Here’s how to help your kids prepare for an international move from India.

Talk to your children.

There is no better way than honest and open communication with your children. Explain to them in detail the reason for your move to help them adjust emotionally. Talk to them as early as possible. This will help them find the time to say goodbye to their friends properly and gain everybody’s contact details before the move from India.

Introduce them to the new country.

Becoming detached to an environment where you have been used to may take a toll on children. India’s culture, tradition and way of life may well be very different to the new culture you’re preparing to move to. Educate your children by introducing them to their new home country early. Research the region via the internet, check out the local foods, nearby amusement parks to your new neighbourhood and possible schools for your children to attend to give them a jump start on what to expect.

Introduce them to the language.

Although English is the lingua franca in India, not all people are conversant with the language. India may have its own style of speaking but the widely used style is more British than American. Most of the English speakers are situated in the southern part of the country. So if you’ve been living there and you’re planning to move to the States, you’ll need to teach your kids basic terms, such as “thank you”, “good morning/evening” and “goodbye”.

Do not sugarcoat the move.

Be honest with your kids. Sugarcoating facts will not help your children to cope with the move from India. It will only disappointment them. Telling them information that is otherwise true will give them false hopes. Providing them with truthful facts about the country will help them prepare physically and emotionally for what is ahead. Are they used to getting around using your own private vehicle? Transportation in India can be a bit hit and miss, so they’ll have a little adjusting to do in their new home.

Be patient.

Children may need more time to adjust to the environment and culture in another country. They may feel isolated and left out at first so being patient with them is essential. Do not force them into something they are still foreign to. Expose them little by little. Find people who can help them to adjust.

Relocating is more than just moving from one country to another. It may be hard at first but children will eventually learn to accept and adjust. The key is open communication and proper preparation for your big move out of India.

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