Moving from India For Work? Use Allied Relocation Services


India is an incredible country, rich in culture, historical marvels and vastly contrasting landscapes, which draw thousands of tourists a year. As attractive as the country is for visitors, it’s natural that Indians themselves will also want to travel the world to see beyond their own shores – especially if they’re drawn by the promise of furthering their careers. An overseas job opportunity is very hard to turn down, so if you find the best relocation services in India, half your moving battle is won!

Allied has been helping households, individuals and companies with their relocation needs for hundreds of years. With more than 600 locations worldwide in more than 60 countries, our experiences have honed our skills, helping to make our team your local Indian moving experts.

We are one of the largest and most-trusted relocation companies in India, handling more 50,000 international moves. Our global presence has given us the opportunity to build close relationships with highly respected third-party providers. We have also won international awards, which helps instill a sense of pride so we continuously strive to improve on our customer service.

Satisfied Customers

The team at Allied knows that, like each of our customers, every moving experience is unique, which is why we make sure we will offer the very best personal approach to your move in India. In every move, you’ll receive your very own personal move coordinator to provide you with updates and help answer any queries you may have about your impending relocation.

Having someone to walk you through your relocation journey, guiding you from start to finish helps to give peace of mind. Plus, our move coordinators in India are multilingual, so you won’t have to deal with any language barriers.

We also provide Transit Protection Programs, which ensure the security of your belongings during shipment. Having insurance options guarantees your possessions are protected even for unexpected and rare events, such as loss or damage. We have 2 comprehensive insurance options, including Valued Inventory and Lump Sum.

Aside from insurance policies to further safeguard your belongings, we also have storage facilities should you need your furniture stored either for a limited time or ongoing. We provide well-maintained, secure and pest-free warehouses, which can accommodate your items if you’re not ready to take delivery of them.

It helps to know that Allied has many happy customers who’ve made the move from India successfully.

International moves can both be thrilling and daunting and moving with a family is a completely different story again. With the help of the right relocation service in India, you will be able to minimise the stress and focus on what is more important, such as helping your children adjust to the idea of leaving their familiar home and friends.

When it comes to moving from India, you don’t want to overlook anything important on your to-do list, so ask the experts at Allied for the answers to many frequently asked questions. You can also download our moving checklist to help you get organised.

There are plenty of relocation services in India yet if you’re serious about your international move, it pays to trust only a professional, reliable moving company like Allied.