Top 5 Customs Tips When Moving from Hong Kong


Moving abroad can be an exciting yet highly tense time. Along with the prospect of exciting new adventures, meeting fresh faces, trying different cuisine and gaining experience at work comes the logistical aspect of moving your belongings from Hong Kong. Fortunately, with the correct preparation, you can move from Hong Kong a lot more seamlessly and may even find the entire experience enjoyable. 

Going through customs may make even the most organised traveller nervous, but by utilising the international relocation services offered by Allied the process can be swift and efficient. If you have any questions about moving from Hong Kong to anywhere else in the world, contact one of our advisors to see how we can help. 

Prepare Your Documentation

Allied can help with all your customs documentation. We work with customs systems across the globe and know what paperwork is needed for each leg of the journey. If extra papers are required in your destination country, we can either draw up the records ourselves or help you complete any forms as required. 

Get Help to Relocate Your Pets

Moving with animals can be a complicated process. Allied offers pet relocation services from Hong Kong, so you can be sure your furry family travels comfortably and safely. If they are required to be in quarantine, we will explain the process so you will be aware of what is happening.

Allied are Your International Moving Experts

Not only do the teams at Allied help you complete your required customs documentation and ensure you have all the necessary credentials, we offer shipment tracking and insurance for the duration of your items’ travel. We can pack all your possessions and create a detailed inventory, which is required for customs. When moving from Hong Kong, each shipment is assigned an Allied Move Consultant, who will arrange a team to transport your belongings from the customs entry point to your new address then unpack them upon arrival. We use the packing inventory to make sure every item we took into our custody arrives safely. 

Ensure You’re Covered for Loss or Damage

Moving insurance is very important for international moves from Hong Kong or anywhere around the globe. Allied offers comprehensive insurance, covering all aspects of the move. By packing your own items or by using budget moving companies, you may not be fully insured and risk losing your most precious belongings. Ask your Allied advisor about our insurance options. 

Organise Your Accommodation 

You will need an address in your destination country for your belongings to get through customs. This may expedite the time it takes for your possessions to be processed through all the red tape. Even if it only a temporary address, it will also help facilitate the delivery of your items if we can pre-arrange a team in the right region of your new home country. You can talk to the team at Allied about storage facilities in your new host country if you have not yet found a place to live.

Contact Allied

For more information on the range of services we offer people moving from Hong Kong, please contact us via our website as soon as you know your moving date. You can use the contact form or call us on +852.2736.6032.