Relocation in The Year of The Golden Pig


The Chinese New Year auspiciously began on February 5 this year, marking the start of the Lunar Year of the Golden Pig. The Golden Pig year only happens every 60 years, so this is something definitely worth commemorating. Pigs are peaceful animals and they symbolise wealth, reliability, companionship, luck and integrity. Those born under the sign of the Pig can benefit even more during this year. It is thought that people will reap the rewards for hard work and experience professionally. To ensure your relocation from Hong Kong during the Year of the Golden Pig goes better than planned, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Good Fortune for Your Move

Whether you are moving to mainland China or to the other side of the world, applying ancient wisdom when relocating can bring added benefits. A relocation in the Year of the Golden Pig is the perfect opportunity to start again and bring good fortune into your life.

A Simple Life

Pigs are calm, friendly and enjoy the simple things. You can bring these characteristics into your new home with warm colours and natural textures. Make your rooms relaxing, comfortable and inviting for everyone in your family. Your relocation in the Year of the Golden Pig gives you the opportunity to declutter. Clear out your belongings and donate or sell items you wish to leave behind. Not only will your moving costs be reduced, you will also be left with the items you truly cherish.

The Value of Numbers

The numbers 6 and 8 are said to be lucky numbers during this year. If your new home includes one of them as the house number, you are off to a good start. If chance did not allow that to happen, you can still incorporate the numbers into your décor. You do not have to do this literally, instead, use it as a guidance to arrange sets of candles, flowers, pictures or any other items you wish to display. For example, choose 6 stems of brightly coloured blooms for a vase or place 8 photographs on display on your shelves.

Be Creative

After your move from Hong Kong, you are not likely to want to splash out on decorating your new home right away. Originality is valued during the Year of the Golden Pig, so start a DIY project or bring treasured pieces back to life. You will save money and create a unique style for your new home.

Go Green

Once you are settled into your new residence, place vibrant and leafy plants in your home. Plants are a symbol of prosperity and they often provide the final touch to any room in the house. Placing them in the southwest area of your new home is believed to bring abundance into your life.

The best thing you can do for a successful relocation during the Year of the Golden Pig is to contact the Allied team. We can do all the packing and unpacking as well as take care of every aspect of domestic and international moves. Visit our website to find out more about our services.