Moving from Hong Kong for Work: What You Need to Consider


Your life is about to change. Working abroad can be a rewarding adventure and the team at Allied is excited to offer our international relocation services to help you with this journey. It is not always as simple as getting on a plane to the country of your choice as there are quite a lot of elements to consider, outside of money and affordability, before your move.

Permission to Work Overseas

Working internationally is a dream most of us have at some point in our lives, yet unfortunately bureaucracy can get in the way. If you already have a job lined up, your employer may have a system in place to help you. If you are looking to move then find a job, you should check if you can work in the country of your choice before you relocate. Many countries do not allow visitors to arrive as tourists and look for work. This often has to be organised beforehand.

If your company is helping you with your paperwork, follow their guidance to the letter; working visas can be tricky and many governments scrutinise applications for errors, which can delay the entire process or worse yet, halt your application.

Permission to Bring Family

OK, so you’ve discovered you can work abroad, but can your family and pets accompany you on this big international journey? Many work visas allow for family to come with you, yet there may be provisos based on your salary. Once you are sure they can travel with you, it is time to consider your Hong Kong relocation services.

Choosing What to Take

Look around your home and decide if you really need to take certain items with you. If you know that it is just a temporary position, consider renting a furnished home so you can leave your belongings in storage. If your job is permanent and you expect to stay for a long time, carefully choose which pieces of furniture and belongings you must bring with you. If it can be replaced easily, consider selling it to reduce moving and storage costs. The experienced international moving team at Allied can help with the documentation required to import your items.

Accommodation or Storage When You Arrive

If you know which pieces of furniture you must take with you, ensure there is sufficient space in your new abode to keep them. If you do not have a new place to live already and you plan to find somewhere when you get there, you may need to put your belongings into storage until you have chosen a home. Discuss this with the Allied team when you ask for a quote and we will make the necessary arrangements.

Getting Your Quote from Allied

We cannot wait to help you step into your new life. It does not matter where you want to go, Allied is an international relocation services company that can help you travel anywhere. Contact us for a quote and begin the adventure of a lifetime.