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A Guide To A Less Stressful Work-Related Move

I’ve been in the corporate relocation industry for more than 35 years and in that time, I’ve been a part of thousands of work-related moves. Some go smoothly and some don’t. 

I’ve collected my observations and written these guideposts to help people have a less stressful work-related move. I hope you find them helpful.

  1. Understand the terms of your move. Before accepting an offer, make sure the terms, conditions and benefits related to your move are crystal clear. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If communication isn’t clear at this stage of your journey, it can create discord before your first day in your new office.
  2. Give yourself time. Make sure you have enough time at all phases of your move – time to coordinate with your movers, time to pack, time to say good bye to your friends and neighbors, time for one last happy hour with your co-workers, time to coordinate things you need in your new location – the list goes on. Not giving yourself enough time to handle the myriad details that go into your move will just make you tired and stressed before starting your new gig.
  3. Declutter. Moving can be a cathartic experience, especially if you take the opportunity to declutter. If you know you have stuff that won’t work in your new home, schedule a donation pick-up ahead of time so you can check it off your list and reduce the amount of packing that needs to happen. Allied Van Lines partners with the Salvation Army for our clients to have a way to donate their household goods while doing some good. All contributions to the Salvation Army help fund its rehabilitation program, which is the largest free program in the country. Schedule a free pick-up online at:
  4. Stay connected. While moving is a big task, don’t go off the grid. Your current and/or new employer may need to communicate with you and you don’t want to miss anything important. Continue to stay connected by taking breaks from move-related work to consistently check your emails and voicemails. You can even proactively communicate with your new team members when you arrive so they know your status.
  5. Network in advance. Having a solid network in your new location will benefit you personally and professionally. Once you’ve made the decision to move, spend some time reaching out to friends and professional contacts that you know in the area. Social media is a great tool for this. Don’t be afraid to ask friends and colleagues to share their connections that they have in your new city, too. Most people I know really enjoy connecting people they know to each other.

All of these things can help ensure that you are fresh and ready-to-go on your first day at your new job. We hope you have a safe and stress-free journey... 

Are you an employee who is relocating with a lump sum benefit? Contact our moving experts now and get started.
Are you an employee who is relocating with a lump sum benefit? Contact our moving experts now and get started.