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Is Your New Home Winter-Ready? 6 Tactics to Use During the Fall

by Shannon Steinberg on Oct 14, 2021
No one wants to fight a temperamental roof in the dead of winter. If you just moved and are settling down into a new home, fall is a great time to tackle projects before the winter weather sets in. Fall is considered off season for many industries so materials and service calls can be less expensive. Here are six ways you can prepare your new home for the winter season:


View of white house from sidewalk

Paint the Exterior
Don’t like the exterior color of your new home or want to refresh it? This is a great way to boost your curb appeal but also offers protection from the weather coming.

Prep Your Lawn for Next Year
Because the temperatures are cool, many homeowners with grass will aerate and overseed the turf to prep it for the next year.

Clean Your Gutters and Check the Roof
Clean out your gutters from summertime debris to gear up for the winter months. This is also a great time to identify any missing or damaged pieces, including roof issues.


Interior of home near the entryway

Review Your Insurance Policy
Standard homeowner policies cover winter-related disasters but it’s a good idea to review your policy and understand exactly what is and isn’t covered.

Install Smart Thermostats
If your new home isn’t equipped with smart thermostats, now is the time to install them. They will allow you to manage the temperature during the winter and save energy.

Draft-Proof Everything
Instead of being surprised with a high heat bill or leak later, it is important to check the doors, windows and chimneys for air leakages now.

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