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How to Minimize Your Carbon Footprint on Your Next Move

by Ryan Cox on Apr 22, 2021

Should you worry about your carbon footprint when moving? The short answer is yes. Your carbon footprint is measured by the amount of greenhouse gases (food, manufactured goods, materials, transportation) you produce to support your lifestyle. While moving is typically a very stressful endeavor, it’s a good idea to keep stress on the environment to a minimum as well. Here are a few key ways to make your next move more green:

Reusable Supplies

Before moving day, save boxes, junk mail and shipping materials from any online orders to use for packing. You can also purchase or rent reusable crates and boxes. Use containers you already have such as luggage and dresser drawers, and packing materials like blankets, towels and clothing for fragile items.

Hire Movers Who Care 

Allied Van Lines uses many sustainable moving practices. We don’t just use reusable packing containers and biodegradable materials, we know how to use the least amount of waste during the entire process. For instance, we know exactly how much tape to use to seal a box or how to properly wrap a valuable with the least amount of material.


Sell or donate used goods that aren’t coming with you. This is also a great way to minimize the weight on your moving vehicle and ultimately save on moving costs. Don’t forget to donate food instead of throwing it out through Move for Hunger when you use Allied Van Lines.

Remember to recycle any cardboard boxes and packing materials once you’re in your new home and unpacked. You can also check out the United Nations’ carbon footprint calculator if you’re curious how sustainable your lifestyle and move is.
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