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Ask Allied: What should I expect when using a packing service?

by Jackie Heath on Jun 18, 2020
Professional packing services do most of the heavy lifting, but they still will need your instruction on where things go and what should be packed together. Learn what you can expect when using a professional packing service.

On your next move, you plan on hiring a packing service to help take some of the stress of moving. For many, there is an expectation that the packers will do everything, and you won't have to get involved. While the heavy lifting will be done by the movers, they will need some guidance before they start. Let's go over what you can expect from your movers.

Before the packing team arrives, remove any items that you will not be taken with you to the new house by recycling or donating them. Items you will be transporting should be in your personal vehicle or somewhere that the packing team won’t have access to. This way, the packers will only see items they need to pack. It may be best to pack fragile or sentimental items yourself before the packing team arrives. Place your remotes, HDMI cables and cords in a bag and label the bag. If you have items that should be packed together, placing them with each other can help ensure they stay together. However, the crew will pack all items to maximize space, so expect that there will be some hunting for items.

Our packing services will provide boxes, tape, paper, and bubble wrap. The crew will have enough materials based on the estimates from the agent. When you have additional items that were not in the original estimate, call your agent ahead the packing day. Doing so will ensure that they bring an ample amount of supplies to pack the additional items. If the movers don't have enough materials, there is a risk of damaged items.

When the packers arrive, you'll have to give them instructions. Take the time to go through each room and explain what items should be put together. Give them guidance as to what rooms the things will be going into the new house. Label those items as "Fragile" and tell the crew before they start packing. Remember that bag that you placed all your remotes, cables, and cords; now is he time to tell them which box it goes into. You'll be glad you did when you're ready to kick your feet up after the move.

As a full-service provider, we will pack your furniture as well. Any pieces of furniture that need to be disassembled will be done by the movers. Moving blankets are wrapped and secured around to the furniture during the mover to protect against nicks and scratches. Even though the movers do a lot to protect your furniture, items sometimes get damaged in transit. Take pictures of your furniture before and after the move to verify any damage.

You can also have a crew unpack your items when they arrive at your home. They will unbox and set out items; you will need to do the organizing. Expect that you will find items spread throughout your house, because again, they will pack with an eye towards maximizing space, not with an eye towards organization. After all your belongings have been unpacked, the crew will remove all the boxes and clean up the materials.

Let us do the packing and unpacking to make your move less stressful. Start here to begin the process of seeing how far we'll go to make sure your move is as stress-free as possible.

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