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The Moving Industry Keeps America Moving Forward

by Ricardo Ramos on Jun 16, 2020

Our response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been thoughtful, swift, and effective

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every industry across the nation. Analysts at the Mercatus Center George Mason University estimates that the lost economic output for the U.S. alone is 5 percent of GDP, or $1.1 trillion for every month of the economic shutdown.

For the 95 percent of the nation’s economy that remained open and kept going, the moving industry has helped keep people and commerce moving forward throughout the pandemic.

The moving industry contributes $30.7 billion of output to the U.S. economy and directly employs about 187,000 people across the country. We move more than half a million people to their new homes each year from families to our military, and the work we get to do takes place at pivotal moments in people’s lives. We also enable businesses to evolve and grow, moving offices, warehouses, and other types of facilities including their talent and equipment.

We were deemed an essential business throughout this crisis and movers across the nation responded swiftly with thorough planning, effective safety measures, and thoughtful policies on handling scheduling.

I’m really proud to be part of this industry and how we have been able to keep America moving forward in the midst of this crisis. We’ve established a deeper trust with our customers by serving them more carefully and thoughtfully during this time and we should continue the practices we’ve adopted into the future.

What have we learned and what should we keep doing?

During this time, we served our clients with care and empathy at a higher level than we ever have before - we should continue this approach. It makes us a better service provider, enhancing our connections with our customers. We must maintain a high level of compassion, empathy, concern, and flexibility we have exhibited during this time. Moving is a challenging milestone in life for most of us - let’s make it easier to navigate, even when things don’t go as planned.

We also need to continue communicating more proactively and frequently. Our teammates and customers truly appreciate clear, timely, and effective communication across the variety of channels we have available to us today. Whether it be the additional calls, emails, or updates made to our website addressing contingency plans, our customers have really appreciated our proactive communication. We need to continue this level of engagement and transparency post-pandemic.

Our teams have relied on technology more than ever before including virtual estimating platforms, web conferences with clients to help plan their moves, online training, and our mobile devices. More of our work continues to migrate to digital, and we should continue to invest in technologies that provide a more efficient and seamless experience for our customers, while also ensuring that they don’t replace our high-touch, personal customer service touch points.

A rising tide lifts all boats…

To the leaders who have the privilege of leading in our great industry - let’s make a commitment to learn the great lessons from this experience and carry them forward in the way we work. If we all strive to become better and stronger, it can only benefit all of our customers and the industry as a whole.

To the teammates who all work hard to make this industry work and who have quickly implemented safety measures to help keep our customers, their families, businesses, and one another safe - THANK YOU.

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