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Safely Moving Your Business Forward

by Ricardo Ramos on May 27, 2020

May-Blog_smallCOVID-19 has redefined ‘normalcy’ for businesses all over the world. Self-quarantining, working from home, and social distancing have become key practices as humanity works together to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. Many businesses have adapted to be more flexible or have reworked their typical processes to help out their employees and customers during this unprecedented time.

For some corporate relocations, moving dates are not always adjustable, making moving a critical service that will enable your business to continue with relocating as planned. Moving continues to operate as an essential business across the US, but how does moving work in the midst of a global pandemic?

Office Sanitation

As moving companies are deemed essential businesses, their crews are changing up policies and practices by adhering to CDC-compliant sanitation policies. Moving agencies across the U.S. are using effective hygiene practices such as hand-washing, social distancing, and frequent sanitization. Paper towels, soap, sanitizer (with at least 60% alcohol), and bleach wipes are all supplies that movers are tapping into to keep themselves and their environment clean during moves.  Moving supplies such as disposable boxes and plastic wrap are also being used to prevent any transmissions that may occur from high-touch surface areas on office equipment. The CDC has provided a guide on cleaning and sanitizing giving top recommendations for proper cleaning methods, sanitizing products, and surface cleaning with bleach and water.

Employee Well-Being

Firstly, make your employee equipment and internet setup an absolute priority once they arrive in their new offices. It’s critical to stay connected to the news, family and friends, and work during this time.

Be clear and communicative with your employees every step of the way as you would for a routine office relocation. Check out Allied’s guide to learn how you can effectively plan for your group move. During this time, it’s particularly important to be sensitive to the situations your employees face. Depending on your company’s plans, it’s important to take into account not just social distancing policies, but also the concerns of team members who might have new responsibilities at home that might affect their typical work day schedule.

Continue to communicate the important safety measures that employees should take as a new office standard. It is also worth considering a new employee well-being program to demonstrate caring and help reduce stress in the face of a company relocation during this time.

How Allied is Taking Precautions

Allied Van Lines is currently accepting customers during the COVID-19 pandemic, but to keep its employees and customers safe, the company is implementing several security measures. These measures include monitoring employee health, avoiding physical contact whenever possible, and doing estimates through virtual and video methods instead of conducting typical person estimates.

  • Smiles, Not Shakes: Our movers are taking extra precautions including additional hygiene and sanitizing methods. All Allied personnel have been directed to avoid personal contact, so please don’t take offense if you don’t get a handshake or even an elbow bump.
  • Let’s Help One Another Be Germ-free: Moving crews are using CDC-suggested sanitization practices. Paper towels, soap, sanitizer (with at least 60% alcohol), and bleach wipes are all supplies that movers are tapping into to keep themselves and their environment clean during moves.
  • Fresh, Clean Supplies: New moving supplies such as disposable boxes, tape, and wrap to prevent contamination on high-touch surface areas.


Mobility leaders are now playing a critical role in ensuring that their company will carry out a safe, organized office move so that business engagement can remain as usual and employees will stay happy. In a time where COVID-19 is causing a great amount of business disruption, proactivity goes a long way. As chaotic as this time seems, there is consistency in trusted moving services who continue to practice safety precautions as they get your business from A to B.

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