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Ask Allied: What Is the Best Way to Pack Chairs, Tables, and Sofas?

by Jackie Heath on Feb 20, 2020
We have some great tips on how to pack your living room furniture. In this article, you will learn how to pack tables, sofas, and chairs.

A living room with sofas, chair, and tableIt’s one thing to box up all your clothes and bedding's, but what about the big stuff? How can you prepare all your tables, chairs, and sofas for a move to make sure they arrive in your new home without a scratch?

How to Pack End and Coffee Tables

1) Clear and empty items from the table

Packing up a dining room set is straightforward, but what if you have a coffee table or end tables with drawers? Remove items from the top, shelves, and drawers of the table. Use painters tape or an adhesive tape that won’t damage the finish and securely tape the front of drawers or door to the frame of the table frame.

2) Disassemble Tables that Have different sections

Some coffee tables and end tables can be easily disassembled without any professional help. For example, some coffee tables have a glass top that can be easily lifted out and wrapped from the rest of the table. This will help reduce the chances that the glass (or any other part of the table) will be broken in transit.

3) Wrap tables in a furniture blanket
The last thing you need to do is cover the table with a furniture blanket. Furniture blankets are an excellent way to protect from scratches and dings. Place the blanket on top of the table and wrap it around the legs or base. Secure the blanket by using packing tape around the covered legs or base and around the skirt/top of the table.

Packing Chairs and Sofas                                    

1) Remove Feet from Chairs and Sofas
Many accent chairs and sofas have removable feet, to make it easier to move the furniture through doorways and hallways. If you remove the feet, be sure to bubble wrap them. If your chair or sofa has a zippered compartment underneath it, store feet there during moving; if not, place all the feet in a box and label it.

2) Shrink Wrap
Upholstered furniture should be plastic or shrink wrapped to protect fabrics from water, dust, dirt, and grime during the move. Most professional moving companies will wrap upholstered furniture before loading it onto their truck, but be sure to ask ahead of time.

3) Furniture Blankets
Cover the sofa or chair with furniture blankets to protect them from rips and tears. Use packing tape to wrap around the blanket and furniture. Make sure that you tape tight so that the blankets are secure wrapped around the sofa or chair. Overlap blankets and close any flaps that may occur, this will ensure you furniture is protected.

Professional movers like Allied Van Lines will undertake many of these steps as part your moving contract. Get a quote now so we can get started helping you make this move a breeze.

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